Friday Mishmash

I have been collecting ideas and pictures all week and thought today would be a good day to share them. I hope this makes your day a little less scary (being the 13th and all).

Jonathan and I went to the drug store last night to get our flu shots and I saw this sign.  I told the pharmacist that I was a little offended at the sign because to me it implies that I shouldn't get the flu because the family would miss out on their turkey dinner.  If I got the flu (which I won't because I got the shot) the family would have to suck it up and order take out if they couldn't handle making the turkey dinner themselves - not saying they couldn't though.  Is this Shoppers Drug Mart's way of guilting you into getting a flut shot?  Seems that it isn't working as the pharmacist say they have had a lot less people getting it this year than last year.

I saw this tree in the Canadian Tire flyer.  As Steph rightly pointed could get a lot of shoe boxes under this tree.

We saw this at Lowe's.  I WANT this little washer.  It really works too.  So cute.

I meant to share this knowledge with you all when I was biking to work.  I noticed that a lot of guys have calves shaped like hearts.  Can you see it?  Is that considered leg love?  I wonder why women don't get the same heart shape with their calves?

This is totally me.

Some days this is also me.

Some days the gym does seem like self-abuse...ok, a lot of days it feels that way.  Go Bob!!! 

With yesterday's rain it seemed that a lot of people brought out their ugly footwear.  Is a little rain enough reason to have ugly feet?  I think not.  There are some lovely and fun rain boots out there and it wasn't raining (downtown at least) hard enough to not wear nice shoes.  Maybe not your best footwear but something nice and stylish anyways.  I kind of like this idea.

I think I should print out these cards for use on the bus.  I haven't heard about anyone's vasectomy but last night there was a phone quarrel about how late a guy was getting home.  He was carrying a crock pot and whatever was in it smelled awesome.  Maybe his wife was really, really hungry and couldn't wait for him to bring home dinner.

Last weekend I started re-organizing the shoe room.  It continues to be a work in progress because I ran out of numbers at 61.  Hubby actually said "don't you ever think you have enough shoes?"  Foolish man realized his error and left the room.

This is a great idea.

I know a lovely couple who have ugly sweaters and could use these.  Hmmm...maybe for Christmas :)

Remember the picture where the NAC took the button off of the water fountain by the Canal?  Well, on the Quebec side they hide the water fountain.  Maybe they think people will bring their own button and try to get water in the off season.  The least they could do is make the box more appealing looking.

This strange orb is located behind the Rideau Locks.  I wonder how many of our tax dollars were used to buy it.  I could have crumpled up a lot of tin foil and gotten the same results.  I'm in the wrong line of work apparently.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm wedding dress shopping tomorrow.


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