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The word of the day is icicle

The word of the day is icicle.
The bus had no heat this morning.Now when you hear “no heat” it can be someone whining that the heat isn’t blasting but the driver this morning confirmed when asked that we had no heat.The longest drive of all time!!! I sat there shivering and shaking and lamenting that one of my favourite warm pair of mitts was lost on Saturday.It could be anywhere between here and Massena.So sad. So, back to the no heat business.I am so glad that, for now, I can go into the office and crank up the heat.I am still wearing my scarf, socks and sweater but the heat is coming out of the vents and once my feet feel the fire it should be time to turn it down.

Today is moving day.We are moving upstairs to a new modern looking space.I will admit that I am getting too old for this stuff.There is a lot to be said about the old way of life.I’ll miss seeing so many of my co-workers while making tea or in the bathroom but fear not folks, I will take the long route to the bathroom when …