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Does the Circle of Life include the green bin?

I got around to emptying the rain barrel earlier in the week and turned it over on the lawn while raking the leaves.  When I went to pick it up and put it in the backyard there was a dead body laying under it.  The good part is that there was only one dead body this time.  Last time there was a family.  Now the question is, do you put it in the garbage or the green bin.  My feeling is that it is organic (while being totally gross) but minds differ on this weighty issue.

Do you agree that haircut day is the best kind of day?  I think so.

I was showing one of the lawyers I work with my shoes of the day earlier this week and we had to have a discussion of where we shop and the prices we pay.  He guided me to  Says that he gets great deals on shoes and boots there.  I love when a good shoe conversation starts.

No one tried to kill me on Tuesday (the only day I biked this week) but the ride home was fun.  I got as far as the Pretoria Bridge on the way home (all of 10 minutes fro…

I'm not addicted, I'm a collector...the doctor says so.

It is Friday and almost the end of the day….life is good.I also won $22.50 in our charity bingo today.With the lack of luck that we have I can only sit and wait to see what breaks and will cost 10 times that amount because it happens every time.I’ll savour the moment while I can.This blog will be a mishmash of things that I have seen/heard or have had happen the last little while.

It has been such a busy couple of weeks mostly at work but at home too.With luck at least at home things will quiet down and I can get some chores done like watering the poor dehydrated plants.I hear you yelling at me and I’m not ignoring you on purpose.
We had a trivia challenge at the office today and I got to pick the team name – Let’s Get Quizzical.Our hero is Olivia Newton John.Everyone on the team wore headbands (even the two young lawyers), four of us wore leg warmers and some of us put on our best Olivia outfits.

I explained when they asked me to join that I have oldtimers and am not great at trivia and…

It is my opinion.....

It is my opinion (and feel free to disagree) that some people have WAY too much time on their hands and are just being ridiculous.

This group thinks that an interactive Barbie could be a double-agent spy.  Seriously????

I think this could be a fun toy for adults to talk to.  Hmmmmm, maybe Sylvain needs one.

It's a first

First time upstairs on the bus. All the windows are fogged up so I can't enjoy the crappy rainy view. Its kind of like floating except for the lurching and sudden stops.

Guy coming down the aisle is holding an umbrella in one hand and cell phone in the other while slipping on tbe wet floor.  May not end well.  The driver pulled a Sandra and honked and yelled at someone who cut him off. Good work!

Bathroom humour

I sent around this email this morning to the ladies in the office:


If you are looking for a little romance today can I suggest a trip to the 16th floor washroom.
One (at least) of the lights are out so there is mood lighting to make you all warm and fuzzy (it also helps if you don’t want a bright light on your tired face).  Also, one of the toilettes is working overtime which makes me think of Niagara Falls.  Who couldn’t feel romantic with dim lights and the sound of rushing water?
I have a candle on my desk that smells like suntan lotion if you want to borrow it to feel like you are somewhere tropical while enjoying a romantic moment in the loo.
Apparently now the email is circulating around which warms my humorous heart.  I have just been asked to join a trivia challenge team at the office (for charity).  I said that I have oldtimers and am not good with trivia.  They don't care.  Apparently what they want me to do is distract the other teams with humour so that our team ca…

Wacky Wednesday Tales

I saw a blue heron on the Canal on my way home yesterday.  It was so amazing but by the time I stopped and got my phone out it had flown away.

My chuckle of the day yesteday (well, actually it was a chuckle and a huge smile) was the older gent who was rollerblading but he was doing it like he was figure skating.  He put one knee up for a few seconds and then the other sort of like a really slow march.  Then he bent over and put his arms out and he looked sort of like a figure skater but sillier.

This was me the last time I rollerbladed.  I sometimes wonder why I still  have them.

Dear City,

Since Mr. and Mrs. Farmer aren't listening to me would you please clean up Merivale Road?  It is such a mess and it is hard to bike safely on.  I'm pretty sure it isn't least totally. I actually sent the City a request to clean the road today.  It may take until October 28th to have it done.  Seriously - a week.  Maybe I'll see the farmer before then and we can chat.


Back in the zone

The were three people in kayaks this morning.  Wish I could have joined them. What a gorgeous morning.Warm (yah for less layers) and while it took a while to get started, the sunrise was very pretty. I want to give a shout out to those nice morning drivers who obey the law and give me and my bike a little more space (when it is safe to do so) and even though I am on the paved shoulder of the road, it is nice to know you are noticing me and thinking of my safety.

Dear Mrs. Farmer, While biking through the smelly farm fields this morning I was thinking of you.I was wondering what kind of air freshener you use in your house that is surrounded by stinky farm fields.Must be a doozy.Maybe you don’t even use air freshener.Maybe you are immune to the smell after all these years.Would be interesting to know.

Also Mrs. Farmer, would you mind asking your husband to go out to Merivale Road and clean up the horrible mess he left for me to bike through.I was praying that it wasn’t manure but my bike di…

THE F-WORD GETS A WORKOUT - Monday's ride home

Yesterday afternoon was quite lovely.It was warmer and there were only a few spots of rain and very little wind. I was  in the zone.

What started out as a nice ride home turned into one stress after another.  How many times did people try to kill me yesterday….let me count the ways… The first idiot driver was a woman and she decided that merging onto Prince of Wales meant that she didn’t actually have to look at the oncoming traffic.She just assumed that everyone would stop and let her stupid big SUV in.Well let me tell you lady, you almost hit me and I had the right of way.As she got closer and closer to my bike I smacked the side of her stupid big SUV to get her attention.She stopped.

The second (and most sworn at) was the guy on Fallowfield who clipped my handlebars with his car.The road was clear so I moved over into the turning lane and headed towards the red light.The out of the blue a car hits my handlebars.Good thing he wasn’t going faster or he could have sent me into the next l…

Ice cream headache kind of day

Oh I plan on it.

I was coming down Larkin mountain (I think of it as a mountain especially when having to ride up it at the end of the day) and you get some pretty good speed going which caused a bit of an ice cream headache this morning.After that it wasn’t too bad until I hit Dows Lake.Don’t know why it felt colder along the Canal, especially since there is almost no water in it, but my toes froze.I even had my army socks and high tops on.Will have to find another pair of socks to add to this for tomorrow’s ride.I may actually have to start wearing pantyhose soon too….such sadness. The sunrise was so pretty this morning.The clouds were red.I would have taken a picture but having two pairs of mitts on makes it very hard to take pictures and to blow your nose.Kept my digits warms though. I saw a sweet bike this morning.A woman had blue neon lights in the spokes of her bike.I’ll have to look for something like this for next year.I got a red blinking dog tag for my backpack.It’s a dog bone…

Splish splash I was taking a bath...a mucky bath.

Are they worthy of the Lord Elgin Hotel?  I sure hope so because I'm taking them to lunch today at the Lord Elgin. What an adventure it was getting home yesterday.I checked the Weather Network before leaving work at it said that the rain would start at 4:30.Sure it would I thought.When have they ever been right.I stopped at 4:27 to take this fun picture of a duck butt and wouldn’t you know it, it started raining. Within a minute or so it was pouring and then it started to hail.Not golf ball sized hail but it was still a little painful.It was raining so hard (and windy of course) that I had to keep my head down – which causes the rain to go down your back. I was Googling some ideas for biking in the rain.... I don't think the umbrella would have helped yesterday. This is a better option but I think he looks a bit like a Teletubby.
I like this idea.  It's like biking in a cone of silence. I really could have used ski goggles like a guy had on this morning.I could look like a bug. Y…

Shoes, cats, sunrises and firefighters...everything a girl could need.

What a great Thanksgiving weather weekend.  I got out for a run on Monday and actually got some colour.  You could have gone to the beach it was so lovely.  We had lots of fun with family and friends on Monday.  It was great to see friends that we don't get to see much of during the summer.  Everyone is looking so healthy and wonderful.

Its great to be back biking after a week of a cold and being super busy at work.  I missed the glorious sunrises although I don't miss how dark it is when I first leave in the morning.

But what follows is usually pretty spectacular.

And that was just yesterday!  We got some rain Tuesday and when I was walking to the gym I there was a woman in front of me and it looked like the muck splashed up on her legs but as I got closer it was actually nude pantyhose with black polka dots.  Maybe it is just me but it looked kind of odd.

I saw this on the wall in a restaurant down the street.

This was the sunrise this morning.  Spectacular...for a short ti…