Ice cream headache kind of day

Oh I plan on it.

I was coming down Larkin mountain (I think of it as a mountain especially when having to ride up it at the end of the day) and you get some pretty good speed going which caused a bit of an ice cream headache this morning.  After that it wasn’t too bad until I hit Dows Lake.  Don’t know why it felt colder along the Canal, especially since there is almost no water in it, but my toes froze.  I even had my army socks and high tops on.  Will have to find another pair of socks to add to this for tomorrow’s ride.  I may actually have to start wearing pantyhose soon too….such sadness.
The sunrise was so pretty this morning.  The clouds were red.  I would have taken a picture but having two pairs of mitts on makes it very hard to take pictures and to blow your nose.  Kept my digits warms though.
I saw a sweet bike this morning.  A woman had blue neon lights in the spokes of her bike.  I’ll have to look for something like this for next year.  I got a red blinking dog tag for my backpack.  It’s a dog bone.  Good thing I did because the red light on the back of my bike gave up the ghost this morning.

I had a discussion with the ducks and geese this morning.  As mentioned, there is very little water in the canal by Carleton U now which meant that there was a some ice this morning.  I’d think that this would be a sign for the ducks and geese to get a move on to warmer climates but no, they were playing and eating and just generally hanging around.  Seeing all the duck butts in the air this morning made me think of synchronized swimmers especially when their legs were flapping trying to get some traction because there isn’t a lot of water.

We attended Steph’s 25th birthday party on the weekend.  There was so much food and everyone had a great time.  Congratulations on a job well done Arun.

5 more sleeps until our next Epic Shopping Adventure.  Steph, Corina and Cindy make sure  you all get your rest, make your lists, pack your snacks and get out your comfiest clothes.  The party starts at 6:10 when I pick up Corina.


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