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Today is a perfect day for a crown

I love a good tiara day.
On the bus yesterday morning I sat across from a woman that I just knew I should know.  Don't you just hate that feeling?  Every once in a while we'd look at each other and then look away.  I wonder if I worked with her in a different life?  And then going to the gym at lunch who do I walk past....mystery lady.  One day I'll be brave and say "hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Started the day watching the woman across the road sweeping her driveway in her bathrobe.  I have a theory that the guy has two wives.  He doesn't clean his van but waits for the women (there are two of them there) to come out and clean it off and sweep the driveway.  Strange. Is today pajama day?  I sure hope it is because there was a teenage guy waiting for the bus this morning and he had on his pj's.  If it isn't pj day does that make it I'm a Lazy Ass Day?

Driving to the park and ride this morning and Uptown Funk comes on the radio.  I LO…

Wise words of wisdom...


My worst nightmare

I get shivers just looking at this picture.

I was having a conversation with a woman at work this morning about what footwear I will be able to wear after my operation next week and she suggested crocks, even ones with a furry lining.  Apparently she doesn't know me at all.  Never, ever, ever, ever.  I would rather wear the cast for two months and one nice shoe than crocks.  Plus, wearing the cast ensures me a seat on the bus.

It is going to be a challenge finding shoes that I can/will be seen wearing in public.  My fallback position is to print out pictures of my lovely shoes and tape them on top of whatever icky shoes I end up having to wear.  You know I will J


Can you imagine this?  Shoe selfies.  Besides the fact that the shoe is pretty ugly, I hope she is wearing clean underwear if she is going to be hiking her foot up like this.  Hahahaha

And to leave you with a  laugh....

Spring is in the air....for a few hours anyways

This is actually more like "in Washington".

This just made me laugh.
This is the kind of day that I wish I had time for an outdoor lunch run so I could put on my shorts and blind everyone with my winter white legs.

Question of the Day:  Why is is "brave" to wear a sleeveless top in the winter?  Someone at work told me I was brave the other day. 

And for your punishment I'm going to make you read a book!!

I was dumfounded this morning listening to a mom tell her son who looked about 10 to hand over his phone.Apparently he did something to his little sister who was sitting beside him.Mom said that he shouldn’t treat people that way…whatever way that was.Then after rifling through her purse for her phone she said, and when we get home I want your Apple phone and your tablet.JEEZ mom, maybe you should give the boy a book or a toy to play with instead of just electronics.Then she said, oh, and no computer for the rest of January.Sigh…. Is it just me or do kids have too many electronics far too young these days.I was such a hard ass mom because my kids didn’t get phones until they were 18.I don’t think they are too damaged from the lack of phone. I have been missing the 99 Bank lady for a while now.They are doing construction in that building (I think they are putting the transitway tunnel under the building) so a lot of the seating has been blocked off.I haven’t seen 99 Bank lady in about a…

These will brighten your day....they certainly did mine

Aren't these gorgeous?  Of course they are, they are Nine West.  My faves.  Had to laugh when the mailroom guy said that yes, what I needed was ANOTHER pair of shoes.  I had to explain to the poor misguided man that I didn't have any this colour so of course I needed them.  Now, if I could just find a new pair of winter boots.  I love the ones that are hundreds of dollars but alas, the budget won't allow for those ones.

Got my hair cut this morning.  Would you trust your hairdresser at 6:30 a.m.?  Thank goodness I trust mine.  Now whenever I move my hair smells wonderful.

Hopefully all this wonderfulness will bode well for the rest of my day.

May you all find your happy spot today.


Actually, today the term would be Whiner-Pleurnicheur or Whiner Wednesdays.Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Winner-Gagnant but what can you do. Maybe the whining is because I have had 2 sugar-free days and my body is either thanking me or crying for sugar.I actually came home yesterday and wanted vegetables.  Should that considered some sort of affliction?  I think veggies should be considered January junk food.

To start the whining I’ll mention that I have the slowest acting cold on record.It all started before Christmas when I was just feeling icky and achey and then that went away.Then my lungs hurt for a while and that went away.Then my sinuses started to hurt and that continues to come and go.Last night my ears were hurting but sinus meds have helped there.Then there is the cough that happens mostly on the bus for some reason.Even though I cough into my scarf I get the stink eye from people.Why can’t the darn thing just happen and then go away.Such a tease. Today I went to …

Welcome 2016...I expect great things this year for all of us.

I can't believe that it was Christmas a week ago.  The weather has been so wonky.  I was running in shorts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and now have to put on full battle gear to go outside.  Yesterday was pretty nice for my first snowshoe outing of the season.   I wish I could find somewhere to go out in the evenings to snowshoe but there just isn't enough lighting anywhere.

I have had the last 10 days off work and do you think I could prepare myself for getting back into the swing of things today.  Of course not.  I got to the gym and had no shoes.  I have no idea why both pairs of running shoes would be at home but apparently they are.  I have a pair of flip flops in my gym bag (used them when I had the screws taken out of my foot last July) so I slipped them on and used the elliptical machine.  A lot of people did a double take when walking by but hey - at least I was working out.  I could have just said to heck with it and gone shopping.  I think this bodes well for…