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Sorry DSW but I'm waiting for the reviews

Maybe I should have taken the day off to go to the grand opening of DSW.I received two Facebook messages about it.  The Mayor is at the opening and I bet he doesn't appreciate shoes as much as I do. Part of me is hopeful that it will be as good as the one in Syracuse but there is another part of me that is scared it won’t be.Talking to one of my co-workers yesterday and we came to the conclusion that part of the allure of places like DSW is that going to Syracuse was always such an event.You had the excitement leading up to your trip, the planning of when to leave, where to eat, where to shop, checking out websites for sales before going and spending a couple of days with fabulous friends.It just isn’t the same taking a trip to Trainyards. DSW Canada has the saddest web page.  Flats and running shoes.  Where are the heels and the bling?  They should have asked me to design their web page.  I would add these beauties (which I have in cream and red…

The Peep Show

Not quite this roudy at my house but we had fun anyways.
Ah, the sights and sounds of spring.Shorts and UGG boots (looks ridiculous), seeing robins and wild turkeys always make me smile and the damned squirrels already digging up my lawn (not smiling).
Did you all enjoy the weekend?Mother Nature has been a bit schizophrenic lately but Sunday was an amazing weather day but, alas, I didn’t get outside at all except to drive back and forth to church.I love all the pretty little dresses the girls wear for Easter.One of the choir ladies had on such gorgeous shoes.It is blasphemous to covet shoes at church?Made sure that nosy Mavis was aware that I was at church so now I’m golden for a while. JI just wish I had seen the man who came up to me the weekend before and asked if the only time I go to church is when I am doing coffee duty….well, lately it seems that way but it is rude to ask!
Friday the kids came over for dinner and to share their Guatemalan adventure with us.The pictures are amazing…

The things you see when the weather gets warmer

Poop, a lot of dog poop and a lot of dog poop bags.  If you go to all the trouble of putting the poop in a bag, why can't you take it home and dispose of it?  Why would you leave it on the sidewalk or beside the sidewalk?  Do you think that someone is going to say "hey, that poor dog owner must be so tired that they could bend down and pick up poop and put it in a bag but must have dropped it and couldn't bend down again to pick it up to take home so let me do it for them."  THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  If you see someone who drops their poop bag make sure you give them the stink eye.
Young man wearing plaid pants with plaid rain boots – different plaid patterns of course.
A guy who was whistling while carrying the smallest coffee cup of all time.Must be expresso to make him so happy so early on a work day.  My oh my, if he looked like this I would have followed him wherever he was going.  You know you would have too.

A very slow bus driver.I suppose he wa…

Guess how excited a woman of a certain age can get? This is where you say you are certain that I'm not over 30.

Pretty excited
Steph and I are going to Strut Like Queen Bey on Saturday.  There is a Beyonce dance workshop and I am very excited to be going even if I can't wear heels and can't jump around like she does.  I'll let Steph do all the hard work for both of us.  I hope they expect us to sing along with the music.

I want to go out and play

Don't you think that we'd all enjoy winter a lot more if most of it wasn't spent fighting the weather to get to work?  If we could just get up and go out to play we'd all be so much happier.

I was standing in the bus shelter at Fallowfield this morning trying to keep out of the worst of the wind and I noticed that it was snowing inside the shelter.  How does that even happen?  They went to the trouble of putting in the most pathetic heaters in the ceiling (all of 2) but didn't build the shelter so that the elements couldn't come inside.  Quality of workmanship people!!!!  Needless to say I wasn't the happiest of campers because I was so cold.

Now, if I got to just get up and go out to play this morning I would be more like this.

This morning was the first time in two weeks that I have had to ask for a seat on the bus because it is still too much to stand for 30 minutes.  I was a bit disappointed that a boy got up so easily and I didn't get to be least s…