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Too funny not to share.


Dear Hair...why do you dislike humidity so much?

A super early start to today.  Up at 4:30 to catch a 6:00 bus to get to the hairdresser.  Seems like everytime I have a hair appointment my car is "under the weather".  Saying my prayers that it is fixed today because I really miss it.  Anyways, at the hairdressers at 6:45 (yes, she starts her day VERY early which usually is a good thing).  She made my hair look lovely for which I thank her with a lot of money. I'm out of there at 7:40 and decide that I have time to walk the 5 blocks to the transitway.  Oh, did I mention that the Weather Networks said sunny and beautiful today?  Not sure where they got their eduction but a 5 year old could predict the weather better than they can.  I was smart and did bring an umbrella. By the time I got downtown it had started to rain and my hair, like yesterday, was a disaster.  Quick trip to the gym to fix it and then outside to a downpour of rain!  Good thing I only have to cross the street to my building but seriously - sunny today - …

My hair started out so nice this morning

And by the time I dropped the car at the mechanic, hopped on a bus with no air conditioning for the long, slow ride to work, it looked like this....well, not quite so bad but it sure felt that way.  Thank goodness that I belong to the gym and can pop in on my way to work to get the humidity out of my hair.  Wouldn't want to horrify my co-workers. On a better hair note, Steph sent me this picture from the Wakefield 5K run that we did.  At least I look like I'm putting a lot of effort in and I did come in second in my age category after all.  Sorry, needed to toot my own horn there.

Gilligans Island 3 hour tour

Sunday was such a gorgeous day that I decided to take the opportunity to see how long it would take to bike to work from home.  I took the Ottawa River Parkway downtown and oh, what an interesting ride it was.  There are so many fabulous things to see that you can't see from a car.

This is the view of Westboro Beach.  I can only imagine that the water is still pretty cold but there were some brave soles taking a dip.  Pretty nice bike too eh?

Next along the path we had to stop and let the goose family cross the path.  Such pretty little goslings.  Warmed my heart to see that everyone stopped for them (but we don't do that on the Queensway folks!)
This pretty spot is just before the War Museum.  The seagulls seem to have taken over the island but who can blame them with the gorgeous view.

Have you seen the Firefighters Memorial?  It is across the road from the War Museum and is worth the visit.  This guy is pointing at the wall that contains the names of the fallen firefighters…

Stabbed, electrocuted and stimulated. How many of you can say you've had that kind of Friday?

Started my day on Friday with some acupuncture, electrocution (they put a wet sponge inside the suction cups just like when they used to electrocute prisoners!) and then muscle stimulation on my foot.I have to say that it was pretty happy after it was all done although the first needle in my toe was painful.Hopefully a few weeks of this and my foot will be much happier than it has been in the last few months.
After a super busy work week it was great to babysit my little friends Charlie and Eddie last night.They are such good kids and it is always a pleasure to be with them.On the way home from Richmond at 10:30 p.m. I saw a lone tractor plowing a field with its huge lights on.Seems like kind of a lonely job but I suppose if you crank up the tunes you could have a little party while doing it.No booze though or you’d have very crooked rows of crops.
Back at work today but hopefully it won’t be too long a day.Race weekend here in Ottawa and I’m a little sad not to be participating but Sep…

Not me but definitely what kind of week I am having

Kind of missing my previous existence out in the burbs.  Thinking of wine....lots of wine.....

Do we need to have segregated water fountains?

Maybe we just need to educate pet owners about hygiene.  I went for a run yesterday and it was very hot out.  I was running behind the Museum of Civilization (and its so picturesque there), dreaming of a drink of water out of the fountain, ran up the stairs and I could almost taste the cold water on my tongue, got around the corner and what do I see but a guy who has his dog up on the fountain to have a drink.  Seriously dude, its a people fountain!!!!  Now he's ruined it for me because I'll never get this picture out of my head.  I live in a world where if I don't see something happening at a water fountain then I can pretend that its ok to drink out of and its worked for years.  Now I have one less fountain to use.  Could he not have carried some sort of drinking contraption for his dog?  Could he not have put water in his hand and had the dog drink out of it?  I'm not sure if its that I'm not a dog lover or if its just that I don't like some dog owners.....…

In the pink....

What an amazing long weekend.  The weather was fabulous although we could have used a little more rain in our area.  Friday night I bought a new bike.  I was trying out the gears in the store and the sales person said that you are only supposed to change gears when the bike is in motion.  I got out of the store and got on my bike to go home and realized what she meant as the chain came off.  There is a lot of grease on chains!

Saturday Jonathan and I went for a nice long bike ride and we made it to Merivale Road when I feel off my beautiful new bike.  Took a curb at the wrong angle.  Thankfully my bike suffered no damage but I on the other hand....  some scrapes, bruises and sore muscles.  It seems that I can't go a year without falling and damaging something.  Hopefully this covers me for the rest of 2015.

Sunday was another beautiful weather day so I had to go for a long 18K run.  I would like to thank the City of Ottawa for keeping the Sportsplex open so that I could go in and…

This says it all....

Just have to get through this crazy busy day and then.......

Hope everyone does at least one thing out of each of these categories:

1.  Fun things
2.  Relaxing things
3.  Fun with friends
4.  Relaxing with friends
5.  Fun with family
6.  Fun with friends
7.  Deliciousness

I'm sure everyone can think of more than fun/relaxing/delicious things to do but I'm on a tight schedule and my brain is already starting to turn to mush.


Two days of fabulous shoes

It has been such a busy work week but full of fabulous shoes.  A co-worker said yesterday (orange shoes) that I had such amazing shoes and I must hear that all the time.  I said that I can never hear that enough.  Makes my credit card feel better - lol.

I went out for my first early morning - watch the sun rise - 5k run today.  Great way to start the day and fortuitous as I didn't get out for lunch.  Have I mentioned what a busy work week it is?  The rest of the month is going to be super busy but that's good.  I saw two cute bunnies this morning and got to see all of the huge construction equipment near home while it is quiet. I hear that the folks are complaining about the noise but these are probably the same people who have been complaining about traffic which is why they are turning the road into 4 lanes and they can't do that without making noise.  Greatful its nowhere near my house :).

What else is new?  Spring seems to be sneaking back after we had a cold spell ea…

Aren't Friday's the Best?

Today is my 5 momthiversary at work and I thought I’d butter up the boss with a cupcake before I asked him how I was doing.I should have brought a lot more cupcakes in because he’s going to survey the crowd and see what the people I work with are thinking.They keep giving me work – and holy cow there is a lot of it today – so I’m taking that as a good sign.Remember the good old days when your probation was only 3 months long?

Yesterday was run day – it is so hard to only run every second day – and I added in a trip behind Parliament Hill to my route so that I could run up the stairs at the locks.What an interesting adventure.There were two young ladies behind Parliament Hill sunbathing in their bikinis.Are they government workers?I didn’t see any bikes to show that they came any distance.There is no beach behind the hill.Seriously, wouldn’t you be worried that a co-worker would see you?Remember how I mentioned all the construction worker bees….well, they got quite a show yesterday. Afte…

Another sunshiney day in Ottawa

Is everyone having a great start to their day?  My day is great so far, a 5k bike ride and weights at the gym followed up with these pretty shoes. Its gorgeous out, (some) people are starting to wear pretty shoes.  Some people are (unfortunately) wearing crocs.  Yesterday I saw a middle aged man wearing a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt (why dude?) with crocs.  What kind of statement are you trying to make?  I'm a bad ass guy who is too lazy to put on shoes that require bending to get them on or fingers to tie the laces?  I really don't get them.  I have some pretend crocs that I have used for gardening and even then they are a pain because the dirt gets into the little holes and your feet get icky. I can't wait for lunch today.  I'm going to change up my running route and run up the stairs at the locks between the Chateau Laurier and Parliament Hill.  They are a killer but what a butt workout and seriously, mine needs to be worked out.
I hope you all have an opportunity to g…

I'd like to introduce you to Betty the Bus Rider

Isn't she cute?  Steph made her for me years ago when I had some issues with some people taking up more than their allotted space on the bus.  If you remember my April 30th blog, there were some ladies who were having some seat issues that I found entertaining.  They were all Betty's.  Always good for a chuckle.

Moist Monday gives way to Terrific Tuesday

This was what the view was like as I waited in the rain for the bus after work yesterday.  It is pretty funny when you think of it because there is no way to see the bus numbers to know if your bus has shown up.  This was not a problem for at least 15 minutes because no buses came by.  It was raining folks, not freezing rain!  Once I was safely ensconced on the bus I was thrilled to find a seat available especially because I had to stand on the way to work.  I settled myself in my seat by the window and put my umbrella into my bag so that I wouldn't forget it.  Hey, OC Transpo, you should provide plastic umbrella bags as you get on the bus so that we don't get people wet with our umbrellas, don't you think? So everyone gets on the bus and I feel pretty lucky to have a seat because it was standing room only and then the bus starts moving....and it starts raining on my...inside the bus....I had forgotten how fabulously constructed buses are.  So I packed myself back up and …

A fabulous start to May

Saturday Steph, Arun, Jonathan and I headed to Wakefield to take part in the Wakefield Covered Bridge 5K run.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run and with Jonathan cheering us on, Steph, Arun and I headed out on our 5K journey.  The scenery was spectacular and there was even a band at the end of the covered bridge.  We were all greatful that our run did not start up the ski hill like the 10K run did.  Those people are nuts!

We all ran great times for our first Spring run.  We followed up our run with a trip to Wakefield, a bit of shopping at the general store and then lunch.

Thanks kids for making my official entry back into the running work so much fun.

Oh, and don't we all have amazing shoes (well, except for Jonathan - lol)