Do we need to have segregated water fountains?

Maybe we just need to educate pet owners about hygiene.  I went for a run yesterday and it was very hot out.  I was running behind the Museum of Civilization (and its so picturesque there), dreaming of a drink of water out of the fountain, ran up the stairs and I could almost taste the cold water on my tongue, got around the corner and what do I see but a guy who has his dog up on the fountain to have a drink.  Seriously dude, its a people fountain!!!!  Now he's ruined it for me because I'll never get this picture out of my head.  I live in a world where if I don't see something happening at a water fountain then I can pretend that its ok to drink out of and its worked for years.  Now I have one less fountain to use.  Could he not have carried some sort of drinking contraption for his dog?  Could he not have put water in his hand and had the dog drink out of it?  I'm not sure if its that I'm not a dog lover or if its just that I don't like some dog the owners of the two Cujo's who now live next door.  I can't even open a window and they are barking (and they are large dogs).

Yesterday's question of the day:  Is there a Mexican Navy?  I saw a guy on the elevator wearing a white navy uniform that had a Mexico patch on the sleeve....still need to Google that one.

Yesterday's fashion fail:  pantyhose and sandals.  WHY?????  Pantyhose are horrible at the best of time (although with it only being 6 degrees this morning they may have been a good idea), but to wear them with open sandals just looks ridiculous.  Don't even get me started on socks and sandals.  Either its hot enough for sandals or its not.

Speaking of socks, we have reached that wonderful time of year where I already have a sock tan so when I wear my beautiful shoes my feet are whiter than my legs.  Time to dig out the self tanning lotion to keep the colours a bit more consistent.

Yesterday's work day didn't end until 7 p.m. and I suppose if I don't want another one of the same I better get to it.

Have a great day everyone.  Stay warm :)

Missing my Kanata buddies.


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