Do birds yawn?

That is my question of the day.  I saw a seagull standing on the Rideau Canal wall this morning and it looked like he was yawning.  Now I'm curious.

I forgot to show you the shoes I wore yesterday.  It was a fabulous shoe day.  After an initial crack (and even I was a tad worried for a moment) my foot settled into the shoe and was quite happy for the entire day.  We won't discuss how it felt last night....that's a secret between me and my Advil.

Like the shoes say "my feet looked fabulous".

Today's shoes are a favourite from our last Pointe Clair shopping adventure.

You just have to love living in Canada.  The weather was so different this morning than it was yesterday.  Yesterday I was sweating 15 minutes into my ride to work and this morning it felt like there were icicles on my fingers.  Lovely for biking though.  So many pretty sights to see this morning as well.  Seeing the hot air balloon in the sunrise was so pretty as long as you don't think about the firey death that awaits....sorry, that's my worry and why I wouldn't ever ride in one.  They are pretty though.

The ducks were taking turns jumping into the water at Hogs Back.  They are so cute and the water does look really inviting.

I would like to take a moment to say to the milk thief at work - STOP DRINKING MY MILK.  Why would anyone think that almond milk would be supplied by the office?  Seriously, I had a 2L container and thought it would last me until the end of the month and it is empty.  I've labelled my new one...hmmmm, maybe one of my former co-workers could send me some radiation stickers to put on know where to send them - thanks!

I wanted to share this link with you all because Harry is my Grammar Hero.  Seriously, this is one of my pet peeves and he totally called this person on it.  Pay attention in school kids because this could happen to you.

And on a final note, I was listening to my eclectic array of music on the ride in this morning and heard a song that I haven't listened to before.  The song started out with "Dr. Bon Jovi please come to emergency."  Well let me tell you, my heart did a few extra pumps as my imagination flew (ok, maybe it was biking too hard but still...).  I imagine that the waiting list to become his patient would be huge but I would be at the front of the line and I'd become a hypochondriac just to be able to see him a lot.   Let your imagination fly with mine ladies.  The man doesn't take a bad picture ever.

And your Thursday funny.  Enjoy the day.



  1. Misused contractions are my biggest pet peeve. The young girl actually said "I'm not really good at English at all. But I'm just so happy one of them noticed the sign." Oh I just noticed, she's American.... they don't speak English.

  2. To answer your questions on "do birds yawn".....

    Experiments with Budgerigars indicate that yawning can serve as a thermoregulatory behavior; the birds yawned more frequently in warmer conditions.


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