Family reunion, support group meeting, conference???

There were so many ducks in the canal by Hog's Back this morning.  They all congregated in this one part between the locks.  I had a moment of fear that this meant something epic like the end of summer but maybe they are just having a family reunion...right?!?!

Love how this guy gave us a show.

Other items of note on my morning commute: it was a little chilly and damp this morning so I thought it wise to put on a t-shirt instead of my usual run top.  Apparently a couple of guys didn't get the memo and went running without their shirts on.  The first guy really should check himself out in the mirror before going out because his boobs...sorry, his pecks were moving up and down.  It is kind of like watching an accident, you can't look away.  The second guy was kind of boring after the first one.  Sorry dude.
Then there was the guy who passed me on his bike...don't they all...and he stood up to peddle faster and hmmmm, how to put this delicately?   I was having my usual thought of "how come guys all go faster than me and it looks like we are peddling the same speed?" Then it was: "Eww, unsighly sweat stains on his shorts." Then: "He really shouldn't wear grey shorts, black would be better."  Bit of a brain pause and then "OMG!  I'm wearing grey shorts too!!"  I'm going to make sure to wear black shorts from this day forward.
Question for you?  Are nuns allowed to run in shorts and a t-shirt?  Does God approve of this?  That is my philosophical question of the day.  I saw what I assume was a nun running in black shorts and a red t-shirt with what looked like a nun's habit on her head.  Good on her if she is a nun because it seems that it would be quite uncomfortable to run in full nun gear.

While Googling pictures of nun's running I came across this.  Doesn't it seem kind of mean to make a nun bowling game?

And while biking past the Court House I saw a big line up outside.  Took a moment to remember "Oh ya! Duffy trial is back on today."  Do you think some of those people took the day off just to hear Nigel Wright's testimony?  Probably.  Me, I can think of a lot more fun things to do with a day off.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.  Oh, and I feel neglectful in not saying earlier that I am glad to hear that everyone at Nordion is safe after the fire last week.  Miss you all.


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