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Today is my ____ birthday.  Haven’t figured out what age I desire to be this year so I’m leaving it open for now.  A woman’s prerogative, right ladies?  Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes.  They put a smile on my (youthful ____something) face.  I got lovely flowers from Sharon at work this morning and they make my workspace look so lovely.  I hope they last a long time.  I love how my Google home page says Happy Birthday Sandra when I hover over it. 
My birthday gift to myself is to get back to healthy eating and lose the weight that I put on this summer.  There, it’s out there now and I can’t take it back.  I know how wonderful it feels to be slimmer and to eat healthy and I’m looking forward to getting there again.  I hope I can count on you all to kick me in the butt when I start whining about wanting a cookie.

Stephanie made me the most delicious (and healthy) strawberry cheesecake yesterday and we all loved it without all those extra calories.  Everyone gave me such wonderful and thoughtful gifts that I will treasure.  It was just so nice being with family on my pre-birthday day.
Well its back to the ugly boot…but only for two weeks until the stitches are removed.  And after tomorrow I only need to wear it on the bus so no one steps on my foot so that’s even better.  It’s been a while since I took the bus and I’m out of practice so I forgot my tablet this morning and had nothing to read.  I’m so tired already of election coverage and the Mike Duffy trial so I had no desire to read the paper.  I had downloaded some Vinyl Café episodes from the CBC.  You have to try these, they are so amusing.  While I didn’t laugh out loud I did smile a lot which I’m sure had people wondering what I was listening to.  Stuart McLean is a great narrator.

Did I tell you that during the surgery on Friday that there was an “OW, OW, OW” moment?  One screw was out (I only had freezing in case you were thinking that the pain woke me from the anesthetic) and then he went for the second one which is what caused the OW moment.  We had to stop and add more freezing because that part of my foot wasn’t frozen.  I tried Googling pain during operation and let me tell you, you don't want to go there.  Ewwwwwww.  Grossed me out.  Thankfully the last two screws came out without any further pain.  The nurse asked if I wanted to keep the screws and I said, of course, yes because I have to gross out my kids.  It worked – lol.  Some day they will find them in a box in the basement and wonder why the heck I kept them.  Well, to gross out the grandkids of course.  They are cleaned now.
I went to the gym at lunch (wow, its hot outside), went to my locker for my gym bag, pulled out my shoes, closed the locker, took a couple of steps and realized I only needed one shoe.  Back to the locker with a chuckle.

I think I did a pretty good workout considering that I couldn’t do any cardio but I’m sure people were wondering why I was looking at them longingly when they were sweating.  Only 2 weeks and I can bike again and hopefully running will be pain free.
One of the lawyers asked me what happened and I told her about having the screws removed and she said that I have pretty impressive shoes for someone who had screws in her foot and I totally agree.

Another lawyer asked and when I told him he asked if my head started flopping around when the screws were removed….ha, not so funny.
Enjoy the warm, sultry weather folks.  Doesn’t that sound better than hot, humid, sticky, icky weather?


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