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I love this song...hey kids, you need to put this on my MP3

The video is a little risque but the song is fabulous.  Charlie Puth has got to be all of 15 but he certainly can sing.

Working it like a sausage

Awesome shoe day.  I really should have done that pedicure last night though.  Have to enjoy summery shoes as long as possible.

It is back to my high tops today because my runners are still soaking wet from my ride home in the rain yesterday.  I was even covered in gravel from it coming off of my tires.  I tried to put my gloves on this morning but they are still very wet.  All the way home all I could think of was how I wished I'd had long sleeves on.  It was toasty warm yesterday morning and I thought it was supposed to stay that way.  Today I am prepared with long pants and long sleeves and my new pink jacket.  I really wish I could have found pink high tops. (Hopefully after this weekend you'll see lovely new paint on my laundry room walls).

I have decided that the best beverage of the day is my cup of tea after biking to work, going to the gym to change and getting to the office.  I think I will have to figure out how to carry tea on my bike for when it gets really cold …

Cows downtown today? I hope so.

There is a demonstration happening downtown today by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.I hope that they bring cows.That would be amazing to watch.I’m not sure what their issue is but I try to do my part by eating yogurt.I apologize for not drinking as much milk anymore but I have switched to almond milk. The last week has been filled with wonders, smells, sounds and, most importantly, new shoes.My feet were very cold last week (but certainly not this week) because they are encased in running shoes that had ventilation in the toe so I went out and got a sweet pair of Converse high tops which keep my feet toasty warm right up to my ankles.The problem I found though is that they are not good in the rain.While it was not raining on my ride home yesterday I did get wet and the shoes are very slippery on the peddles.I was stuck behind two guys for far too long (mostly because I forgot to take my new route so I can avoid the many, many ruts along the Ottawa U side of the Canal.The older guy in fro…

My what a big gun you have.

From the Army Run Expo last Friday.

Can you hear this guy?  "JUST DO IT!!!"  And I did - hahahaha

Definitely not a mathlete

I had to give this a minute when I was pondering buying a plant but as hard as I might, I can't figure out their math.

Biking on drugs?

Biking home yesterday was an interesting endeavour.I was late leaving work so it was a different crowd that I encountered.Lots of runners and bikers coming from Ottawa U.It is hard getting stuck in traffic even if it is bike traffic.I need a loud horn instead of my wimpy bell.Maybe a megaphone.“You may have all day to go home but I have a long way to bike so GET OUT OF MY WAY!”Too pushy perhaps?
After getting through the throngs around Ottawa U it is a lovely ride until you get near Carleton U.Last night I went through two different clouds of smoke….and not cigarettes.I was wondering if I slowed down while going through the smoke would it make me want to bike faster (maybe because I’d get hungry) or slower because I’d be extra mellow.Of course the mother in me was thinking “how can you go and do your homework if you have been smoking drugs?” My new favourite part of the day is hitting the sauna at the gym after my morning ride.It is so cold now that the sauna is fabulous.The problem now…

Was that frost on the pumpkin this morning?

Nope – just ice on my fingers because it was only 8° and biking it felt like -8° with the wind chill.Brrrr.I am going to have to rethink my morning biking wardrobe before tomorrow because my oh my it was cold.Definitely need gloves because even though my shirt had a hole for my thumbs, the ends of my fingers froze.Definitely long pants because my ankles were very cold and definitely warmer socks because I walked funny after I got off my bike because my feet were like blocks of ice.And most definitely a jacket because a vest just doesn’t do it.It’s very timely that I bought a super cute and very reflecty pink jacket at the run expo on Friday. How was your weekend?Busy, fun, fabulous, all of them?Mine was busy but with lots of fun as well.I survived Saturday morning at Costco which is always a feat.Yesterday was the Army Run and although I couldn’t do the half marathon like I had planned to in January the 5K felt like just enough of a run for me.I am super happy with my time of 30:26.It…

Summer isn't ever going to end is it?

What a great day – wish I was at the beach.So what’s new in my sad old life you ask?You asked!I heard you.I suppose really my life isn’t old but apparently my body thinks it is and I realize now why old people use up all our OHIP.It’s because we break down on a weekly basis it seems and we need to see the doctor for continual tune ups.
I’ve had a squiggly line and a shadow on one of my eyes for a few days now and it has been really annoying so I went to the eye doctor.Turn out that I have to go to the Retina Centre to have it lasered.The upside of this is that because there was actually something wrong with my eye I didn’t have to pay to $55 fee, it is covered by OHIP.Lasers are about the only thing I haven’t experienced in the last two years and I’m not sure I will like it.Googling pictures of laser eye surgery showed way too many gross things and once I got to this pic I couldn’t look at any more.The doctor said that it would take a few weeks to get an appointment but they called and…

The latest in bike wear

I forgot to share with you the latest fashion for those of us who bike to work.  During this season of chilly morning weather I have found that sniffing my way for 20+ km is not a pleasant experience so I came up with this.  What do you think?

I wonder if I can get Lululemon on board with this.  They could put a kleenex pouch into their tops.

Just need a used kleenex pouch somewhere......