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And the word of the day is Hakunamasquata

Another SpectacularHotSweatyAwesomeWishIWasatTheBeach day.
Ladies, I have to tell you that you are missing a lot of shirtlessness along the canal these days.Maybe you all want to chip in and get me a Go Pro camera for my bike helmet so you can see some of the glistening awesomeness going on out there. Just putting it out there.
Yesterday there was a couple sitting on a bench along the canal with a picnic basket and they were enjoying a glass of wine (in real glasses).Nice way to end a day.Steph, you need a picnic basket to go with your new blanket.Next was a man playing his guitar while sitting on a bench. He should have moved to a closer bench so he could serenade the couple.Mind you, I had my headphones in so he could have been playing something horrible for which they would be grateful not to have to hear.Then much glistening shirtlessness.Wish I could have done the same myself this morning.Whew but it was a sweaty ride.The sun came out just as I got to Carleton University and it …

What is the best thing to have at work?

Now that I am complete I thought I would share todays adventure.Better to think of this as an adventure than misfortune I think.Plus, I could see the humour in this from the get go.  Let the saga begin....
Nice bike ride in this morning.Weather was chilly and my hands hurt but still – sun.There was a bit of a breeze but since I had no wind last night, which surprised me, who can complain.On Colonel By the cars and motorcycles were whizzing by and then there was the clown car.Well, more of a clown jeep.It was topless and very low to the ground.It looked almost like this one.Is it even legal?Personally, I’d be embarrassed to drive it but this person seemed to be enjoying himself.

I continued on and got to the gym, had a shower and started to get dressed.What do you think I forgot today?Underwear.A fairly important piece of clothing don’t you think?I had them out this morning.How did I manage to not put them in the bag with the rest of my clothes?The other day a woman at the gym borrowed a…

The things you see at the gym.

After yesterday’s whining and crying (me and my legs) because it was so windy and biking home was exhausting, I took the bus today.There was whining but no crying because it was so humid and it only took moments to get “humid hair”.I know that so many of you can relate.The good part is that I can sit on the way to work but not often do I get a seat on the way home.

I went to the gym at lunch to make up for not biking.The Stairmaster is a suitable punishment for not biking or running.Let me digress a moment, I went to the gym the other day and wanted to ride a bike but there were two people using them….or so I thought.The man was actually pedalling but the woman just sat there.They were talking to the Gym Guy.I don’t know if Gym Guy is a personal trainer or he just hangs about offering assistance and talking to people (and apparently getting paid for it).Anyhow, I was sad that I couldn’t bike so I got on the Stairmaster.I am watching the woman and for the entire 20 minutes (which is a l…

A much better use of the F word is Friday.

Looks like today will be a gloomy day but hey, it is Friday.

Anyone want to start wagering on whether we’ll see any actual rain?The bus driver had the wipers on this morning but I didn’t see a drop of moisture anywhere.Wishful thinking on his part?Maybe.

I had a lovely uneventful ride home yesterday and managed fine with just one brake.Looks like the poor bike will have to go back for another tune up.Stupid damned driver.I’m hoping that my front tire is just out of alignment and that I don’t need a new rim.I keep thinking that this makes it twice that I have been hit by a car when I haven’t been in my car.I wonder if it will be “three’s a charm”.I hate to think about getting too hurt but hey, if could get a nice settlement I could retire.I won’t hope for it because hey, bad luck follows me or as Richard has mentioned, I’m a shit magnet and goodness only knows I wouldn’t actually be able to enjoy my riches.  They even have official t-shirts.  I should order one.  Hey kids, maybe for m…

How I got to be a shit magnet.

What a week and still another day to go.It has been a good one for the most part.Not too windy on my rides home for a change.One day I even made it to work in 1:05.That’s 3 minutes better than ever.  I think its because I had a diet ginger ale for breakfast instead of tea.  I'll have to recreate that and see if I can do it again. Lots of sights and sounds on my journey’s.I wish I could remember all of the things I think about on my rides so I could share.I need a form of recording device that I can clip on to make myself notes.

Yesterday morning was lovely and yet there were so many grumpy faces along the way, bikers and runners.Come on folks, the weather is pretty spectacular and the view along the Canal is great.What’s not to smile about? I was pretty pleased with myself yesterday because I had been passed by so many guys who, as usual, seemed like they were going along effortlessly and then I found an older lady to pass.Go me!!

One morning (they are all blending together now) …

Oh, I forgot....NO PANTS!!

I'm biking home yesterday near Dow's Lake and there are a bunch of people out yachting (well, no yachts really) but there was a couple in a canoe.They looked like a nice couple as far as I could tell from a distance.The woman was wearing a black top………………..AND NO PANTS!She was bent over changing positions in the canoe and it seriously looked like she had no pants on.There was a man biking towards me and he did the same head swivel becauseshe appeared to HAVE NO PANTS ON.
Do you not look at yourself in the mirror at the store when trying pants on and realize that they are very close to the colour of yourself which could lead people to think that YOU ARE WEARING NO PANTS? It was all a bit disconcerting but certainly gave me lots to think about as I was fighting with the damned wind on the way home.Stupid wind!! This just made me laugh.Duck butt and owls, doesn’t take much to make me laugh I guess. I am getting a bit of pressure headache today and I have to say, this kind of …

Makes me smile every time

Every time I see this it makes me smile.  Gorgeous morning.

I think that the hardest thing in the morning is walking up from the parking garage to the second floor where the gym is and this morning was no exception.  Just as a woman and myself got to the door to the stairwell open on 2 the fire alarm goes off.  It was a very big woop woop which I don't recall hearing before.  We stood there panting and waiting for instructions and then were told to leave the building.  Most of the people standing outside were from the gym or bikers which I thought was pretty funny.  We did get to see two fire trucks worth of firefighters though which kind of made the thought of walking up the stairs again not so painful.  I'm positive that one of the firefighters was looking right at me when he indicated that we could go inside.  I'm going to take that on a positive note and not that he thought that I really, really needed a shower - lol.

Yesterday I got out for a short run at lunch.  Sec…