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Call me cynical I suppose

All that is on TV these days is Christmas movies.  Now I like Christmas stuff as much as the next person but seriously, that's all that is on except for sports and news.  I need some drama.

I was watching a movie on Sunday night while slaving over the ironing board and all I could do was critique it.  The premise of the movie was that this young woman was going out with a guy for a few years but they lived in different cities.  On her way home to see her family and him at Christmas time she is on a bus that breaks down and she is rescued by a cowboy who drives her home. They invite him to share Christmas with them (very nice folks).  Meanwhile her and the cowboy hang out so she can show him the sights of the city (New York).  They get pretty cozy.  Boyfriend is jealous and proposes to her at a big office party in front of a zillion people - she is stunned but accepts.  On the way home she tells him that it is all a mistake.  They are not each others true loves (she likes the cowbo…

The ladies of Nordion will fondly remember this

A few years ago I had a firefighters calendar (autographed no less!) and I thought it was very important to share it with all of my former co-workers.  I know that they appreciated my small gesture.

While I don't have a calendar for the Ottawa firefighters this year I would like to send you all this for your viewing pleasure.  I wonder how much it would be with shipping and exchange????

A small sample:

Happy Monday to everyone.

Blink, blink. blink

The Charlie Brown tree is getting so full of blinking ornaments.  Love it.

I am all set for a day of eating. I pushed and shoved to get on the bus this morning - that's arm work right?  I had to squeeze myself to not get eaten by the doors because people wouldn't move another inch to give me room.  That's working a lot of muscles.  I went to the gym for a quick run and some weights to add to the workout.  I wish I could get motivated enough to go to the gym every morning because it is lovely and quiet.  We are having our department lunch at the NAC today and I can't wait.  I've already scouted out the menu and plan to have salad with fresh squeezed grapefruit dressing (that sounds intersting) and roast garlic and herb chicken.  Doesn't that make your mouth water?  So much better than my usual stingy lunch.  This evening our former bus strike carpool group (unfortunately minus one sick woman) is going to dinner and I've check out that menu and plan on having…

Bring on Summer

I am all set for my Christmas day run.  Christmas day and New Years day are two of my favourite running days.  The snow is bright.  It is crunchy under my feet.  There aren't very many cars or people out on those days.  Alas this year it looks like I'll be running in shorts.  But I'm prepared. 

I'll spray my shoes so that when I look down I can think of snow.  I may even put some on a hat (not that I'll need a hat) but anything to make it seem a little more wintery.  I suppose if I slather on the sunscreen it will make it look like I have snow on me.  Better yet, I could glue cotton balls all over my clothes.  Hmmmm....will have to look into this.

Looks like the Maritimes is getting some snow....lucky them.

Dashing through the snow....oh.....right

Are you as tired of the gloom and rain as I am.  If I wanted to live in Vancouver I'd move.  Maybe we need to offer some sort of sacrifice to the snow gods.  Any ideas?

I wore these beauties today.  They look a little snowy.

I've been having a blast doing my #running Christmas Tour of Barrhaven and sending out pictures of all the fabulous Christmas decorations that people have put up.  It also gives me incentive to change up my route although I have to say some routes end up being a lot of walking because there are so many fun decorations to take pictures of.  There have been a couple of occasions that I have gotten a little frost bite.  Must look into getting gloves that have touch screen things on them.

I have such porch envy.  Some day maybe I'll have a nice porch to sit out on.

Even the seniors residence looks fabulous.

Now this next picture is just a bit creepy.  I'm not sure what this entity is supposed to represent but maybe we could sacrifice it to the snow god…

Sum, sum, summertime in the city....

It is so nice to be able to still be wearing my fabulous shoes outdoors.  I have to admit that soon a little snow would be nice but right now....awesome.  I went for a run at lunch (in shorts woo hoo) and it was spectacular outside.  Lots of smiling people out enjoying the gorgeous day. I almost felt like this guy running on a beach.  Would have been extra nice to see someone like him running but

I am off tomorrow but have a ton of chores to do before Charlie and Eddie come for a sleepover.  I am finally getting the car rustproofed although it seems a little silly to do it at this point.  This is Canada after all and eventually we'll be able to complain about the cold and snow.

There are so many Christmas lunches and parties around this time of the year.  I hope you all get to enjoy all of the deliciousness of the season and the company of friends and family.

Charlie Brown: I guess you were right, Linus. I shouldn't have picked this little tree.

Oh but Charlie Brown you picked a fantastic tree and now my office looks so Christmas-y.  I could use a pair of gold sparkly shoes just like that one too.

My day is going to be interesting I'm sure.  I got up late and, thinking I had an eye doctor's appointment today, drove in and was quite thrilled that I was only 15 minutes late getting in.  Turns out that the appointment is next Monday.  Now I get to pay $20 for parking for no reason.  Sigh...

I got on the elevator with a woman this morning who had a Guitar Hero box and chocolates and cookies.  I told her that this looked like the best way to start a week and she agreed.  I wonder if I could convince the powers to be here that we should also have a "band day".  I could totally be a back up singer.

After a fabulous wearing shorts bike-run yesterday with Jonathan, I was making dinner and went to open the oven door to check on the delicious chicken that was cooking and the door handle came half way off.  I heard a t…

The things you see

I was at a seminar at lunch today.  It was very interesting.  All about social media and litigation.  Basically, anything you put out there (like this) can be found and used in a litigation matter.  Although I kind of knew this from watching Criminal Minds.

Anyways, the boardroom we were in has a great view of Parliament Hill and I noticed that there is a spot on the Peace Tower that (to me) looks like two guys bent over.  Look at the two upside down U shaped things above the window near the bottom.  Don't you see two guys bending over to pick up the little black squares?  Or it could be that there heads are stuck in the building.  You see it right?  Or maybe I need my eyes checked which I am doing that in two weeks :).

I found their enormous boardroom very cold so I needed to keep myself amused while trying to keep warm.

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Well, not with the weather it isn't but there was a little boy at the front of my bus this morning who was singing Jingle Bells.  Same line over and over but with such enthusiasm.  I could hear his mom trying to shush him and I wanted to say no, let him sing.  Everyone needed some cheer on the bus.  We could use more sing alongs in the morning to get everyone off their phone/tablets and getting cheerful.  Maybe if I print out some lyrics to pass out as they get on the bus....

I want a onese like this for when we decorate the tree.  That looks like a doughnut on her tree.  I never thought of that.  Off to Timmy's!

There was also a young woman on the bus who had on the cutest coat (wish I had one like it).  I looked up from my tablet (yes, I am one of them - at least when I get to sit) and she was putting on her mascara.  Now those of you who don't take the bus need to understand how bumpy the bus can be.  Shocks are not such a thing on the bus.   I went back to my tablet an…

It is time to protest

Ok ladies (gents, you can join us if you'd like) - it is time to protest the high cost of pantyhose.  I just paid $11.29 for one single solitary pair of pantyhose.  That is outrageous.  I haven't figured out just how to protest yet and would welcome suggestions.  We could all let the hair grow on our legs until it is a nice furry cover and we wouldn't need pantyhose then.  Are you with me?  Lets get this protest going.

Now that I have given the bride-to-be her gift I can share with you my latest craft project.  This is Corina and Freddies engagement photo on fake nails.

This was a lot of fun to do and just think of the possibilities.  You could put on a picture of husband and wife and give your daughter a set to wear - a good daughter would be proud to have mom and dad on her nails...right?  You could put pics of your pets, girlfriend, boyfriend, your boss (I wonder if that would help at raise time.  If anyone would like a tutorial, let me know.

What else is new...Steph an…