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Are they to be believed?

Can we trust the weather folks?  They say that we'll have a high of 6 degrees today.  Really?  Should we get our hopes up again?  Could Spring really have sprung? Should we think of putting our winter coats away or be safe and leave them in the cupboard until June just to be sure that it won't get to -27 like it was on Monday?

I have to admit that yesterday turned out to be a fabulous running day.  I went out at 1:00 for a run and had forgotten to bring gloves and really didn't need them.  Tucked my hands inside my sleeves for about half of the run and then was fine afterwards.  You know, I just don't get it.  I run and while its not a permanent fixture on my face, I do smile a lot.  There is a lot to smile about.  The snow is melting, the sidewalks are clear, the view behind the Parliament buildings is gorgeous. People are out walking and running.  Not one person yesterday did the hand wave.  Usually at least one or two runners will acknowledge you when you run, but …


Well, technically its the first day of Spring but in reality.....

I got a card this morning that says that Jump 106.9 is looking for a new morning co-host.  Oh, I could so do that job.  Don't you agree?  I could get everyone's day off to a great start.  Shoes, humour, fashion tips, good music...should I audition?

I hope that everyone has exciting plans for the weekend and that today goes by swiftly so we can get to it all that much sooner.

Carolyn and I will be celebrating the second day of Spring with manicures and a trip to Ikea.  Nothing says Spring like mani's and meatballs.  I am looking forward to an evening run tonight before our 3 cm of snow tomorrow...did someone say Spring?

Monday is a day with the kids.  We are going to tour the new St. Albert Cheese Factory and indulge in all things cheesy.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend everyone.

Can you hear the screaming?

A 5K on Friday and a 6K on Sunday and that looks like it for a few days.  Have to say that my recovering foot is very unhappy with my enthusiasm for getting outside and running.  It better get with the program soon or I'll take it back to the surgeon and that might not be fun.  121 more days to go before I'm supposed to be back to "normal" according to the surgeon.

I'm going to see this picture every time I put my bare feet down....are you?

Today was an EPIC DAY

Quote of the Day:  That was what made the story epic: the player, the hero, had to suffer mightily en route to his final triumph. ~ Chad Harbach What made today EPICfor me was that I ran outside today.  I ran 5K outside today.  Why is this EPICyou ask? Well, it has been 241days since I last ran outside.  I also haven't run 5K since New Years Day.  241 days - 7 months and 26 days - 34 weeks and 3 days - 5,784 hours - 20,822,400 seconds - however you look at it, that's a very long time not to be able to run outside.  I hope it never happens again. I have to give a shout out to my miracle workers who made this all possible - Mia my physiotherapist and Kevin at Ottawa Orthotic Lab who designed the best orthotics which have made running a pleasure again.  I'll forgive Kevin for videotaping me from behind while running which will forever be engrained on my brain. How did this EPIC run go?  It started in front of the Parliament Buildings and then went past the Chateaul Laurier Hote…

Interview for the hardest job in the world

This is worth showing to your kids.

Friday at last

Looks like we end the week on another freezing note.  This cold is getting quite boring and needs to stop.  I found this picture of traction control for heels.  I wish I had known about this before because I could have been wearing my heels all winter - well, except that my feet would have frozen.  Think how great I'd look going for a walk on the Canal with a fabulous pair of heels on.

I had to stand yet again on the bus this morning which gave me time to people-watch.  I don't know if you've ever noticed but on the double decker busses the drivers are enclosed.  I started to think that their enclosure is just like those walk in bathtubs.  Now I wouldn't want my bus driver to be this relaxed and I'd also be super jealous if he was enjoying a nice warm, bubbly ride when I was trying to stay warm and not flail around while the bus goes around corners, but it made for a fun thought this morning.
One of the women I was standing near had the most fabulous shade of lips…

So far its been a humourous kind of day

There was a woman on the bus this morning who had this exact face.  Could it be because she didn't do the laundry and only had a pair of snakeskin pants to wear.  Let me just say, once you have grey hair you should not wear snakeskin, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, cow or any other animal pants. Last night I had an appointment to get new orthotics.  They WILL help my running career begin again.  Be positive!  This was a very thorough appointment that involved walking and running on a treadmill while being videotaped.  While I have to say that I have superior posture and he said my gait and arm swing were just right...THE SIZE OF MY BUTT!  Hello Kardashian clan, do you have room for one more ginormous butt?  To see it in slow motion while running is not a pretty sight.  I hear you laughing.   I am also laughing but will be going to the gym and working on that part of my anatomy a whole lot more.  Sheesh.  Life lesson here is:  Do not let anyone videotape you from behind.

Monday's should always begin with new shoes.

Is today a holiday and no one told me?  I drove in this morning and there was hardly any traffic on the Queensway.  What gives?  My Monday started with a mamogram.  Ladies, you know there is no better way to start the day than being squished and squeezed by someone with cold hands into a cold machine.  Yee Haw!

My weekend was filled with cleaning and shopping.  I'm almost on a first name basis with the folks at Home Depot.  I learned what a door jam is - who knew?  It took two moppings to get the sawdust, etc. off of the new floors.  My thanks to Steph for her suggestion on a good mop.  Since the contractors are back this weeks to install new doors and a cupboard there will be much more cleaning to be done later this week.  It will be nice to put everything back where it belongs....when I figure out where I hid everything of course.
I spent an hour yesterday waiting to get my car washed as I'm sure a lot of you also did.  It's such a shame that the minute you leave the c…