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Ode to the lady who seems to live at 99 Bank Street

This is the way to start off a Friday before vacation.

Now, back to the Ode....

Ode to the lady 99 Bank Street.
I see you at 7:00 a.m., 7:30 or 8:00 depending on when I get to the gym, sitting by the fountain (that they have thankfully turned off for the summer or the humidity would be brutal), You sit and read your book every morning,

You munch on your breakfast, You seem to be in a special place,

I return at 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 depending on the day and there you sit, Always at a different table than the morning,

But still there you sit, Munching on your lunch,

Drinking your chocolate milk, Reading your book,

You are still there after I go for a run, occasionally lift weights (which make my arms hurt when I’m biking by the way), shower, change and return to work, Speaking of work, do you?

Where do you work that you have such long lunch hours? Why do you come in so early every day to read your book?

Is your home so awful that you’d rather spend your time sitting at a table in the Atrium a…

I've been so neglectful

I can't believe that I haven't been posting pictures of my shoes.  I will endeavour to do better in future and with luck I'll have new ones from our trip next week to show off.

Today's shoes:

Some shoes I would love:


It may have been raining for the last leg of my bike ride this morning but as I passed City Hall I could smell bacon.  There is nothing that compares to the smell of bacon.  Then there was the smell of campfire.  I love the smell of campfires.  Had to Google it but Ribfest is taking place this weekend at Festival Plaza outside City Hall.  Smells amazing.

My building had to put up a sign on a bike in the lock up saying that it had come to their attention that it has been there for 4 months and will be removed as this is not a storage facility.  Did the owner forget he/she biked into work on day?

Name of the Day:  Burtley.

Fashion Faux Pas of the (yester)day:  There were two.  Wearing a one shoulder top and having your tan lines from your bathing suit top show.  Looks ridiculous.

Second:  Wearing an undershirt under your bra.  Why??  A woman at the gym was doing that and I'm pretty sure my miniature golf face registered how silly that seemed.  Must watch the face.

Bit of a rainy rid…

So many emotions, so little time.

A co-worker was in the kitchen when I was making tea.  She was reading the paper and chuckled, then sighed and finished it off with a "disgusting scum!".  I want to know what she was reading but I couldn't figure out how to inconspicuously hang around so she was still at it when I left.

Words of Wisdom...errr....Wednesday

Glad I went out on Monday night to get lights for my bike.  It was a foggy start to my ride in on Tuesday.  Worth getting trapped in Canadian Tire during the fierce 10 minute storm on Monday night. Ahhh, this is the life.  Oh, you thought I meant the boats out on the Canal.  No, I meant the bike ride to work - lol.
One of my favourite sights (not the locks) on the morning commute.  Didn't take long for the fog to go away.

Isn't this fantastic?  Steph and Arun brought me back a chocolate bar.  Apparently it means stupid.  Now, along with my first favourite "bless her heart" I can now add that someone is stunned as me arse!  Bet I can use it many times in a day.  Thanks kids.

The heat of the week has brought out so many shirtless men.I have to say that 90% of the one’s along the canal are pretty buff.Not quite Thor, but working on it.The others, well…if I have to see another guy who looks 9 months pregnant and is shirtless who knows what I may do.Picture this guy running t…

Feels like 36 degrees....

Must be time to go for a run.

Looks like the risk of thunderstorms starts around 5 - just in time to bike home.  Well, my tires are rubber and my handles are rubber so all is good...right?

5 more sleeps until summer vacation!!!!!!!!!

Going Green

TGIF – a truer acronym has never been said.My body is so happy that I took the bus today and didn’t make it peddle the bike.My legs (and the rest of me) are pretty tired so it will be a caffeine filled day (with maybe a run at lunch if the sun is shining because really, if the sun is out we should be too). I’m very happy that Steph and Arun finally made it home.I hope they enjoy the zucchini from my garden even though a small member of the wildlife kingdom in our yard nibbled on it.Bunny, squirrel, chipmunk, who knows. I have been putting chlorophyll in my biking water this week (because a nutritionist said it’s a good thing) and one of the lawyers saw it and said that he was going to watch to see if I grew vines.
Think I should put a plant on my head and go see him – hahaha.  About that eye shadow??? Looking forward to a bike to Steph’s for tea tomorrow and on Sunday the contractor comes by to finish up the fireplace, the stairs and change up the rest of our door handles.Of course, then …

I need a martini bike

We are so sad that Steph and Arun are stranded in Newfoundland.  They have had to stay an extra two days because fog has stopped their flight out.  Maybe if everyone in Ontario goes outside and blows really hard it will blow the fog out to the ocean.  Just a thought.  Fingers and toes are crossed they get out tonight.  I have hot chocolate cookies to help get Arun into his happy place when he comes back (but don't tell him).

Biking home last night in (yet again) the wind.  By the time I got to the bike path on Merivale I was ready to camp out in the church yard.  Who needs a tent? Biking in this morning (yes, I did it again) my legs felt like this guy's although not so veiny :).

I was biking down Fallowfield, just starting my journey, thinking "why, why, why did I bike again today?" when this guy zooms past me.  Show off!!!  Plus I had a few other unflattering things to say to him but just in my head of course.

Today's tidbits:

on my way home yesterday there was …

Wednesday - what a great day

WEDNESDAY - middle of the week - half way to the weekend - gorgeous weather day Checked my garden this morning and my lily is so gorgeous.  Smells amazing too.  I wish I could put this on my desk at work. This is one of my favourite spots on my bike ride to work.  Carleton U is behind me and across the canal is the Central Experimental Farm.  The little bridge is so pretty and the water is like glass. I think with the sun shining and it being less hot and humid it made everyone (well, almost everyone) much happier because there were a lot more smiles on the trip in.  Or maybe they read my previous blog where I told them to enjoy their morning commute.

This is the little bridge that connects Ottawa U with Queen Elizabeth Parkway.  Seems that the students have followed what people in Paris did and have put their locks on the bridge.  Now in Paris they had to remove the locks because it was wrecking the bridge.  Wonder how long it will take the City of Ottawa to follow suit.

Two final c…

What's a little rain?

So many reasons to be happy today.  I got to bike in, it wasn't pouring rain and I got to see lovely flowers along the Canal. One of my new flowers opened up and its gorgeous.

I used the gift certificate that Jonathan gave me for Mother's Day and got my first French manicure.  So pretty.  Plus the paraffin treatment and hand massage.....awesome.  Thanks J!!

My campaign to beat the squirrels is working.  I started growing peonies in the house and they are doing well.  Unfortunately the dahlia doesn't seem to want to come out but I'll keep encouraging it.

New shoes.  Can't help but be happy with new shoes, right??

And, of course, the BEST reason to be happy today.....Steph and Arun come home tonight!

Hope you all find your happy place today.

Bike Screwed

Bet that got your attention - hahaha

My first bike ride to work Friday and I barely made it home before I got a flat tire.  Sheesh! I hope that this isn't a sign that it will be like years past when I biked to work in Kanata and got many flat tires a season.  I really missed not being able to bike on the weekend.  I went for a run on Saturday and my, oh, my but it was sweltering.

This weekend was perfect(ly) hot for making coconut water fruity popsicles in fun popsicle makers.
Polished off the weekend by going to Home Depot and buying some nice perennials.  Now to figure out their best placement.  I actually got to sit in the backyard yesterday and enjoy how well the gardens are growing.  The zucchini's are doing great.  The first one of the season yielded 7 shredded cups which in turn became spicy zucchini muffins and chocolate zucchini muffins...mmmmmm.  Maybe next time will be chocolate zucchini cake.  Also mmmmmm.

Pirate ship, ducks, unhappy people (so unfortunate)

I biked to work for the first time this year and it was fabulous.  What a beautiful start to the day and it's Friday !!!  It is farther biking downtown that it was to Kanata but I have to say that the scenery is much nicer.  I got to see a pirate ship and lots of ducks.  The Rideau Canal was like glass this morning.  So pretty.  It is very unfortunate that people weren't very happy.  Only one woman smiled back at me.  Seriously folks, we may have been on our way to work but you were biking, running or walking on a glorious morning so BE HAPPY. I'm looking forward to a much more leisurely ride home :)
I picked the first of my "first ever" zucchini crop last night.  It is huge.  Almost as big as my kitchen chair.  Steph is looking forward to much zucchini deliciousness when they come back from Newfoundland.

And finally....most importantly.....
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Bikes, bugs and blue birds of happiness

I love this picture!

I went for a bike ride last night and the weather was spectacular....well, there seems to always be a wind but sometimes that's a good thing.

I was coming up on a couple pushing a big stroller last night and as I got closer I realized that they were an older couple so I thought to myself "ah, they are taking the grandkids for a walk, how nice".  But no!  The big stroller held a giant dog.  What the heck is it with people that they take their dogs for outings in strollers.  Don't they realize that animals need exercise too and I'm not an expert but I think that dogs like to walk and run, right?

I went out to Prince of Wales to check on the status of a path that the NCC was building last  year that will connect it with the path that comes out on Merivale Road.  The sign says "completion Fall 2014".  Well, in I go and it ends exactly where it did when Jonathan and I were there last Fall (which appears to be the Fall of 2014).  Why is …

Only in Canada do we go from bikinis to parkas in one day

Wow, what a change in the weather today.  I was out for a bike/run last night and it was warm and humid and this morning I had to grab a sweater.  11 degrees!  It is a pleasant change and it won't last long but we'll embrace it while its here.

My bike/run took me to Half Moon Bay and the park there is so amazing.  I can't wait to take Eddie and Charlie because then it won't seem too strange when I'm playing on the fabulous equipment.

My shoes make me wish I was in a dance competition.

Hope you all have your happy shoes on today.

How many ways can you say humid?

I love the above forecast.  Not quite what we are going through right now but I imagine it feels that way to people who don't have air conditioning.  I know that the inside of my car was 40 degrees yesterday afternoon and I don't have air conditioning in it.  It worked for one day !!!!

In case you are tired of hearing how "humid" it is or just want a new word to use to complain about it, here are some alternatives for you:  dank, moist, sultry (sounds very romantic doesn't it?), clammy, irriguous (not sure how you can fit that into a sentence but let me know if you do), sodden, stifling, sweltering and sticky.  So many interesting variations on the word.

Here are some of my Weekly Roundups from last week and yesterday:

Ladies, if you insist on wearing a jersey-type dress with a thong, please get a dress that fits correctly so that we don't have to see your dress go in and out of your butt when you walkDid I tell you about smelly Betty?  Had to sit beside her …

The things you see at the bus stop

It has been far too long since I actually posted a pic of the shoes of the day.  These are so pretty and very comfy too.  I hate those days (like today) that I get downtown too late to go to the gym but too early to want to work. Yesterday I declared it the official first day of complaining about the heat and humidity.  Well, the heat was lovely but the humidity had my hair feeling like this woman's.  Thank goodness it didn't get quite so big but it sure felt like it.  Incentive to go to the gym so that I can fix it after a workout. This past weekend we babysat and the kids were so good.  Even Charlie who got up at 4:30 on Saturday morning but had a huge smile on his face.  Couldn't do it everyday but he made such an early morning a lot of fun.  Babysitting was followed up by strawberry picking with Steph and Jonathan, much strawberry eating and a very warm run.

Sunday, Jonathan and I biked to Landsdowne to see how long it would take to get to Steph's and to spend som…