Pirate ship, ducks, unhappy people (so unfortunate)

I biked to work for the first time this year and it was fabulous.  What a beautiful start to the day and it's Friday !!!  It is farther biking downtown that it was to Kanata but I have to say that the scenery is much nicer.  I got to see a pirate ship and lots of ducks.  The Rideau Canal was like glass this morning.  So pretty.  It is very unfortunate that people weren't very happy.  Only one woman smiled back at me.  Seriously folks, we may have been on our way to work but you were biking, running or walking on a glorious morning so BE HAPPY.
I'm looking forward to a much more leisurely ride home :)

I picked the first of my "first ever" zucchini crop last night.  It is huge.  Almost as big as my kitchen chair.  Steph is looking forward to much zucchini deliciousness when they come back from Newfoundland.

And finally....most importantly.....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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