Bikes, bugs and blue birds of happiness

I love this picture!

I went for a bike ride last night and the weather was spectacular....well, there seems to always be a wind but sometimes that's a good thing.

I was coming up on a couple pushing a big stroller last night and as I got closer I realized that they were an older couple so I thought to myself "ah, they are taking the grandkids for a walk, how nice".  But no!  The big stroller held a giant dog.  What the heck is it with people that they take their dogs for outings in strollers.  Don't they realize that animals need exercise too and I'm not an expert but I think that dogs like to walk and run, right?

I went out to Prince of Wales to check on the status of a path that the NCC was building last  year that will connect it with the path that comes out on Merivale Road.  The sign says "completion Fall 2014".  Well, in I go and it ends exactly where it did when Jonathan and I were there last Fall (which appears to be the Fall of 2014).  Why is it not done?  How much work/money can it cost to cut a few trees and put down gravel?  Will have to put a call in to the NCC to see if they need donations.

On the way home I realized that while it is lovely to be out biking near farms in the beautiful weather, watching the sun go down, it is not a good thing to sign out loud.  I decided to sing along with my MP3 and the bugs decided that this would be a good time to dive bomb near my mouth....ewwwww, spit, spit, pweeee, blech.  Best to keep singing along in my head.

One more sleep until Friday kids....have a great day.


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