Hospital to home comfort

I was pretty leary about only having freezing before they cut into my foot and because the needle was so huge but it wasn't too bad. Certainly not as bad as the cortisone shot I had a few months ago.

I was even pushed into OR by the doctor.  I told him I'm sure that's something he wasn't expecting to be doing at this stage in life. He has a pretty good sense of humor. 

There was some pretty good music playing in the OR which makes it a tad less scary.

So we are all set to go after they cover me with a couple of blankets and sheets and wrap my foot in many towels (if thats to soak up the blood...yerks!)  So much laundry for one foot.  Then he says with sharp instrument in hand "we are going to test you now".  What??? Stab me and see if I scream?? Well, there were no screams so that's a good start.   There was a lot of pushing and digging or at least that's what it felt like from my end of the table.  I said I was waiting for the sound of the Makita but he said they only work with hand tools.

He got one screw out and was starting on the next when there wasn't quite a scream.  It was more of an OWWWW from my end of the table.  Then came the dreaded huge freezing needle again.  Now I know how furniture feels when you unscrew it.  I apologize to all wood that I have hurt in the past.  In futue I'll rub you with a little gin to numb the pain.

Anyways, the freezing worked and the next screw came out.  Only one more to go.  With this one the pain was in my shin from the assistant doctor leaning on my leg to watch what was being done.  Pardon me doc but could you....

Finally the last screw came out.  The nurse asked if I wanted the screws. ...of course I do, I need to gross out the children.  This has been successfully done since they don't wash the screws before thet put them in the bottle.  Maybe I shouldn't wash them in case they need my dna some day.  Maybe I should put a hook on the bottle, add a red ribbon and I could put it on the Christmas tree for a significant 2015 event momento.

This is pretty much my pose for the next couple of days.   I can handle it.  Looks like the sun is trying to come out and we may get a nice weekend after all.


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