Day 2 of Healthier Eating

Already I am trying to talk myself out of going to the gym.
  • it's too hot to cross the street (so lame)
  • I'm tired of carting the boot around (I really am but after today I only need to wear it on the bus - so no excuse)
  • I have a headache (I do but I did take some Tylenol - so no excuse)
  • I'm tired (I am but that's not going to improve anytime soo - so no excuse)
  • I could go shopping (I could but then I'd just have to drag the boot around with me so it wouldn't be fun - so no excuse)
Enough!  The day is dragging so I may as well go to the gym to kill some time, right?

I won't be burning very many calories doing just weights but I can feel the workout I did yesterday so it must be worth it....right?
Hope you are all enjoying the air least until next months Hydro bill comes in.


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