Have you ever been unscrewed?

If you haven't been unscrewed, I can let you know how it feels on Friday.

I was back at the surgeon's this morning to say that after a year I still have a lot of pain in my foot.  He did apologize (and did look sincere).  He said that the tearing feeling in the bottom of my foot may be from a screw that went through the bone.  Youch.  Our (that's the royal "our" by the way) next step is to remove the screws (hey, any weight loss is a good weight loss, right?) and hope that my foot gets more bendy (not the technical terms I'm sure).  Not sure how much I am looking forward to this because it is done with just freezing and he will reopen the incision and remove the screws.  Wonder if he uses a Makita or a Black & Decker screwdriver.  Will have to ask.

The good news, no cast, no crutches, no wheelchair.  Possibly the boot for my first few days back on the bus.  Hmmmm, wonder if I could bike with the boot on.  If this woman can, so can I.

Today's name of the day:  Lovett (I think this is a guy's name; I know it is Lyle's last name too)


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