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Friday Frights, Props and Thanks.

Ok, so this was my face yesterday.  First it was for the traffic trying to get out of downtown.  The City hasn't plowed the streets properly and people parked in the driving lanes instead of the parking lanes (because there weren't any) which meant a three lane road became a one lane road.  It took forever to get to the Queensway.  When I got to the hospital I had to drive around for 10 minutes to find a parking spot which costs about $4.00.

I got the nurse who skipped bedside manner classes.  She took out the stitches which only hurt for a moment.  Then she says that after the doctor checks my foot she has to bandage it up again and no showerin for 24 hours.  I was SO looking forward to a shower this morning and not washing my hair in the laundry room sink.  Tomorrow I think I'll put on some music, light some candles and enjoy a lovely long shower.  Oh, then she says that as much as I want to scrub the scabs I am not to do so but to let them fall off on their own.  I sai…

Timing is everything

I couldn't face another day with the same black shoe on so today's shoe is pink.  Such a happy colour and it goes with the black cast quite nicely.

It has been such a "fun" week.  Here I thought that I picked the best time to have surgery and missed out on the -40 degree weather last week but no, had to come back to work on the biggest snow day of all time and it just keeps getting better.  Yesterday I couldn't get down our street so had to take the bus to work.  People actually pushed and shoved to get on the bus before me.  Only until I gave a man the evil eye.  Then getting off of the bus and over a snowbank was fun as was the walk on what used to be a sidewalk to get to the office.  I should have just walked on the road since traffice wasn't moving very fast because of accidents anyways.  I finally got to work and the boss was there when I got off of the elevator and he asked how I was.  I said exhausted and he said "well, its great exercise". …

Nothing like Pit Bull to get the body moving

It has been a busy morning.  I baked cookies and little cakes, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and washed the floor.

Then it was time for 30 minutes with Pit  Bull in the home gym.  No way you can sit still with him blasting. While I didn't manage a sweat I did glisten.

I finished my project of cleaning up the pictures that were hanging in the basement for the last 18 years.  I wonder just how old some of those spiders were.  Here are some cuties that were among the pictures.

What happened to that white blond hair? 

Oh Steph, how we loved you in this outfit.  Those cheeks were squeezed so many times its a wonder you aren't permanently bruised. 

My babies ☺.

And those toes helped make such a  pretty ballerina.

And then she met Corina who also grew into an amazing and beautiful young woman.

Still haven't gotten to cleaning up the bag of pantyhose but that seems like such a depressing job because then I'll have to buy new ones.

Why does the across the street neighbor swe…

Quirks and Questions

Is poutine a real food?

A co-worker just cam e back from getting her lunch.  She said that she hasn't been feeling well this week and missed real food.  She got poutine for lunch.

In case you are interested in the history of poutine or just want to waste a little work time:

We have a new sign in the washroom on how to wash your hands.  I don't know if I am doing it correctly because it is all in French.  I'll have to bring a bilingual co-worker in with me so she can explain it to me.

Surgery Day Eve Musings

After a thorough review of the Shoe Bible I decided to start Surgery Eve off with these pretty blue and silver shoes.  Comfortable and oh so stylish.

The afternoon shoes are light pink with just a touch of snake.  Also oh so comfortable.

And should I get feeling sad that my shoe choices are going to be so limited for a while, I may just put these beauties on for part of the day.  Always good to have a back up plan.  I had picked box 56 to wear today but I couldn't find it on the shoe shelves this morning.  I can't believe I misfiled them.  Tonight's first order of business is to locate them and put them in their proper place.  Poor lost shoes.

Have you heard that Kevin O'Leary is thinking of running for the Conservative leadership?  Hard not to hear about it I suppose.  Well, while doing spring (because it really could be spring) cleaning I came across this picture from a while ago.  I wonder if he ever got to be Prime Minister if he would remember me.  Probably not b…

Doing the Hippy Hippy Shake

I've heard that orange is the new black so today's shoes are orange.
Tomorrow is the last day of fabulous shoes and I have such a dilemma. I am going to have to bring in at least two pairs of shoes so that I can get the most shoe love before I have to drag around a cast.  Now what two pairs should I bring?  Time to open up the shoe binder and browse.'

I saw a man at the bus stop last night and he was such fun to watch.  He put his headphones in and started dancing.  First it was the knees doing the dip and then the hips joined in.  I was very curious about what music he was listening to and very proud of him for doing the dance in the midst of all the bus-waiting folks.

The following are words that were in a newspaper article I read the other day.  Did the guy get out his thesaurus to write it?
left-wing demagoguesefficaciousparlanceadroitlyinnocuouspenuriousinsouciantly simile All topped of with the line "Sometimes history doesn't suture a leader with the most su…

My trip down memory lane

I've been in the organizing mood lately.  I've been going through boxes in the basement and cleaning out closets.  Always a interesting trip down memory lane.   This weekend it was a fun trip finding these pictures of the kids.

 As you can see, we were great fans of playing dress up. This letter is pretty funny.  Who knew that back Steph's day technology was so new.  We also didn't know that this would lead to a whole career for her during her university days.
I had totally forgotten about how wonderful my sense of humour was during my early days at Nordion.  Although it may have just been that I was very tired in those early days.  I worked until midnight one evening and decided to leave a little something for my co-workers for when they arrived the next morning.  I don't think my current employers would get such a kick out of it  unfortunately.
 Did anyone notice that I put heels on the dead body?  If you are going to go, best to go in nice shoes. I can't be…