Surgery Day Eve Musings

After a thorough review of the Shoe Bible I decided to start Surgery Eve off with these pretty blue and silver shoes.  Comfortable and oh so stylish.

The afternoon shoes are light pink with just a touch of snake.  Also oh so comfortable.

And should I get feeling sad that my shoe choices are going to be so limited for a while, I may just put these beauties on for part of the day.  Always good to have a back up plan.  I had picked box 56 to wear today but I couldn't find it on the shoe shelves this morning.  I can't believe I misfiled them.  Tonight's first order of business is to locate them and put them in their proper place.  Poor lost shoes.

Have you heard that Kevin O'Leary is thinking of running for the Conservative leadership?  Hard not to hear about it I suppose.  Well, while doing spring (because it really could be spring) cleaning I came across this picture from a while ago.  I wonder if he ever got to be Prime Minister if he would remember me.  Probably not because I was well behaved...only because they made me of course.

Jonathan and I went for a walk in the spring-like weather yesterday to have Vietnamese Pho soup.  He enjoyed his first experience although he wasn't a fan of the noodle-looking fuzzy things that may have been tripe but I really don't know.  He was just glad that they sunk to the bottom and he didn't have to look at them too much.

Tonight a friend is picking up a bookshelf worth of books and those of you who know me know that this is such a big event for me.  I love books and hate to give them up but really, do I need to keep them all? Isn't it better to share the book love?   Maybe this will earn me a spot in book heaven.

This is my version of heaven.  It just needs some comfy chairs.


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