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Did I mention Thor?

I went out at lunch and bought a new FABULOUS pair of running shoes.  It is a proven fact that FABULOUS running shoes make you run faster.  Watch your backs Steph and Arun, here I come. Funny that I mentioned Thor earlier today because on my way back to the office after buying these FABULOUS new running shoes, I saw a biker who had on camo pants, a leather vest  and looked similar to this guy.  He had a patch on his vest that said Thor and another that said Vice President.  Vice President?  Don't you think you should dress better and maybe shave if you are going to have a lofty position like Vice Presdient?  Just saying.....

New Spring shoes will always get rid of bad karma

I feel like I should go on Dancing with the Stars in these shoes.  What star would I choose?  No contest, Chris Hemsworth (Thor in the Avengers for those few of you who haven't seen it).  Seriously, what a man....sigh.....  Get out and see the movies, they are fun.

My bus ride home yesterday was very entertaining.  There was a row of sideways facing seats that fit 4 people.  There were three ladies sitting there and as I went by I noted that the one seat left would only fit a 10 year old.  These ladies were larger than average shall we say.  I went to stand at the back and had a good view of the front of the bus.  A few stops later a woman gets on and she's also larger than average and she looks at the empty seat and turns around and OMG it was too funny watching her wiggle and scrunch her way onto the seat.  The other ladies all scrunched and shifted but alas, the new woman couldn't make it to the back of the seat so she had to sit only on the first half of the seat.


Never run after eating a Tim Bit

I participated in the Law Day 5k for the first time in many years.  I remember the weather being hot and sunny back in the day but today was overcast, windy and cold.  That is our never ending winter for you.  It was great to see (albeit briefly) some of my former co-workers from Oslers.

I have to give a shout out to Peggy who I work with because she set the pace and I had to keep up or embarrass myself and I finished in 27:40 which I think is a world record for me (at least it is my best time in a very long time).  I truly feel like Wonder Woman although after the run I felt like I needed a stretcher and some cute paramedics.

Next run is next Saturday in Wakefield with Steph and Arun...and Jonathan as our cheerleader.  Let's hope that it is warmer and sunny.

Maybe if I got myself a power headband like WW I could be even faster....hmmmm....

The Case of the Travelling Clothes

Two days ago someone left their suit jacket and top hanging over the door of a stall in the ladies washroom.Now this got me wondering (out loud) whether someone was walking around the office without a top on.Kind of horrifying I have to say.To date I haven't seen anyone topless.
Yesterday the clothes had migrated to the counter where they lay lost and forlorn all day.How does one forget their top and jacket?I can't even come up with a good reason that you would take your top off at the office and not your bottom half.I could see if they changed to go to the gym but then there would be pants or a skirt with the ensemble but there is not.Any ideas?
This morning the clothes have yet again migrated and are now hanging on a hook in the washroom.Makes me wonder where they will end up after the weekend.Maybe I should leave them on a different person’s chair each morning with a rescue note to keep things exciting.
TGIF Everyone.

Gym Tales

I like to think we are all grownups at the gym I go to.It’s a nice downtown gym full of all manner of folks.There are your hard core (drool worthy) bodies, the few-times-a-week bodies, the I'm doing it, I'm finally taking charge of my life bodies (and good on you).People wear cotton t-shirts, shorts, capris, those stupid toe shoes (at least I think they are stupid), work out pants that show your butt, bustier type workout tops, colourful clothes and there are those that just pull anything they can grab in the dark out of their dresser.We are a many varied bunch.
What I don't get is that being all grownups, we all know about germs right?I would like to think that our parents instilled in us certain knowledge about germs and where they live and how to avoid them.You can also hear about it on TV, on the radio, on the internet, from friends, from anywhere.
Where I am going with this is that there was a woman in the showers today who had her shampoo, conditioner and soap all read…

Haven't had these beauties out for a while

First compliment of the "shoe" day within 5 minutes of getting to work - a new record.  May I also take this opportunity to say to Steph that its really not your fault that the Habs didn't win last night.  I know it may seem that they lose everytime you go to a game, but they do lose other times too so don't take it personally.  They will have a great game in Montreal on Saturday I'm sure.
There was a guy on the bus this morning who is balding and he's pretty young so I suppose you have to cut him some slack but he took the hair that he still had on the top of his head and he jelled it and turned it into snakes or maybe worms.  Not quite what's in the picture above but just as silly looking.  Having your bit of hair higher isn't making it look like you have more.
Then walking to work there was a woman who was wearing black velour pants....yes, apparently they still make them or possibly she got them at a vintage show but seriously, didn't they ba…

What I don't want to see at the gym

You know what I don’t want to see at the gym – especially two days in a row?Some chick who has on her Victoria’s Secret, push up everything you own (and can borrow) until you can rest your chin on it bra and then yanks down her tank top until her cleavage is like a road up a mountain.The men seem to enjoy it, especially when she bends over to “rest” and is a breath away from everything popping out.Really, it’s a gym not a bar or the beach.
Do I sound old?

Like what a splashy like day....

Truer words have never been spoken.  I'm sorry but crocs are just ugly and shouldn't be worn outside of your garden.  But then again, pajama pants should not be worn outside of the house and yet people do wear them to go shopping, to school, etc.  Are you just so lazy that you couldn't put proper outside-in public-look half way respectible-clothes on?  I fear for the fashion world that there are so many people who don't care what they look like when they are out in public.  Come on people, it doesn't cost much to look clean and tidy while out at school, work and shopping (for nice clothes!).  Any my final note (for today) is that there are far, far too many women downtown who wear leggings as pants.  This is mostly an office-world here and you are honestly wearing leggings and all your jiggly parts are jiggling.  No one said that you had to be super comfy in all parts of your day.  Put some regular pants on please!

Super splashy, wet, glad I curled my hair before …


Friday night I was waiting to pick up Jon at work and there wasa limo at the Dollarama.  Is that where the person shops in order to afford to have a limo?  Jon was a bit disappointed that he didn't get a ride home in that car instead of mine - lol. What a weekend!Saturday was so windy but thank goodness it was sunny.My day started early with some shopping chores.It only took until 9:42 a.m. for me to get yelled at.I got to a 4 way stop and made the unpardonable Barrhaven sin of coming to a full and complete stop and then taking my turn but a woman decided that she had paused enough at her stop (pause) sign and wanted to go.Sorry, IT WAS MY TURN.She got her hands going and was yelling at me (couldn’t hear because of closed windows).Honestly, it was 9:42 on a sunny Saturday morning.What the heck was your hurry?She was headed in the direction of the liquor store so maybe…..Any other day and I would have gotten out of my car and had a “chat” with her but I was feeling mellow and pretty…

International Day of Pink against bullying, discrimination and homophobia

Pretty pink shoes...despite the forecast that says we are going to get 2 to 4 cm of snow later today.  The endless winter shows no signs of stopping.

Day of Pink is more than just a symbol of a shared belief in celebrating diversity. It is also a commitment to being open minded, accepting differences and learning to respect each other.
Hope you all added pink to your wardrobe today.

A damp cold run turns into a pleasure for the senses

How did my 8k 6k run on a damp and cold Monday night end up being a wonderful thing?
·The sidewalks and paths were pretty empty
·Walkers I did encounter smiled as I passed by them
·The smell of a fireplace burning
·The wonderful smell of dryer sheets
·The amazing smells of dinners cooking
·The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack which has the most fun songs to run (and sing) to (special thanks to J for uploading it for me and to Steph for suggesting a family movie night to watch it)
All of this was polished off with an ice pack and a couple of Tylenol but that didn’t diminish the fun that I had.

Post-Easter Musings

Cute new booties to start the week.  Just the thought of putting on winter boots is so depressing and unless we get a significant amount of snow again, they will be going back to the shoe shelf until next winter.
I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend and I know a lot of you continue to enjoy it today.  I have to say that thanks to so many of you who have the day off I got a primo parking spot at the park and ride this morning and also got a seat on the bus for me and one for my gym bag - that hasn't happened in the last 4 months.
Check out what's playing at the NAC.  It may be worth the price of a ticket because the name of the play made all of us laugh.
A tidbit of fashion to note from last week, while the weather has been better, it is still cold in Ottawa.  As well, all of us can relate to not wanting to put on winter boots anymore but I saw a woman waiting for bus one day last week and she had on dress shoes (I can't even tell you what they looked like because …

What's up Mother Nature?

What the heck Mother Nature? ????  Yesterday I ran in shorts and a tank top and today I wake up to this.  Are you seriously ticked at us for some reason?  All we want is for spring to show up and stay.
I'm going out today to buy a new bike and hope I will be able to use it without wearing a snow suit.  We want to plant flowers in your honour and play outside without a touque on. Please, can you make that happen?   And what about the tiny chipmunk that I saw in the yard yesterday?  Will he need to get out his boots and scarf before venturing outside today?

I hope this is a one day thing and tomorrow we will go back to having grass and 13 degrees.
Two 8k runs today. Glorious day outside. Tylenol time 😊