New Spring shoes will always get rid of bad karma

I feel like I should go on Dancing with the Stars in these shoes.  What star would I choose?  No contest, Chris Hemsworth (Thor in the Avengers for those few of you who haven't seen it).  Seriously, what a man....sigh.....  Get out and see the movies, they are fun.

My bus ride home yesterday was very entertaining.  There was a row of sideways facing seats that fit 4 people.  There were three ladies sitting there and as I went by I noted that the one seat left would only fit a 10 year old.  These ladies were larger than average shall we say.  I went to stand at the back and had a good view of the front of the bus.  A few stops later a woman gets on and she's also larger than average and she looks at the empty seat and turns around and OMG it was too funny watching her wiggle and scrunch her way onto the seat.  The other ladies all scrunched and shifted but alas, the new woman couldn't make it to the back of the seat so she had to sit only on the first half of the seat.

I'll have to share a picture of "Betty the Bus Rider" that Steph made for me years ago.  This was a Betty and she made me laugh.  Good on you for trying.

I hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.  Looks like Spring is finally here to stay.


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