Post-Easter Musings

Cute new booties to start the week.  Just the thought of putting on winter boots is so depressing and unless we get a significant amount of snow again, they will be going back to the shoe shelf until next winter.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend and I know a lot of you continue to enjoy it today.  I have to say that thanks to so many of you who have the day off I got a primo parking spot at the park and ride this morning and also got a seat on the bus for me and one for my gym bag - that hasn't happened in the last 4 months.

Check out what's playing at the NAC.  It may be worth the price of a ticket because the name of the play made all of us laugh.

A tidbit of fashion to note from last week, while the weather has been better, it is still cold in Ottawa.  As well, all of us can relate to not wanting to put on winter boots anymore but I saw a woman waiting for bus one day last week and she had on dress shoes (I can't even tell you what they looked like because I got stuck on the whole ensemble) and she also had on a hat similar to this.  Now if you are going to wear a ridiculous hat like this you have to wear boots.  She just looked ridiculous but maybe that's what she decided to aim for that morning.  I can't say that I've ever thought "hey, I need to look ridiculous today", but maybe some folks do.  There were also two university students wearing very short skirts one day with no pantyhose and open toed was about -10 with the windchill.  Really ladies, really?!?!?  You made me cold just looking at you.
I believe that I have found the ultimate good excuse not go go to work.  We had a skunk in the yard last Thursday morning and I was tempted to call the boss to say I couldn't come to work because I was trapped in the house because there was a skunk in the yard.  Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose, he moved along and I had to go to work.

And last but certainly not least....I went to the see surgeon on Thursday, ready to demand a cortisone shot to help my foot recovery since nothing is working after 8 and a half months.  He looked at my foot and said its still very swollen and he agreed to the shot.  Funny, he didn't mention that last time I saw  him.  The good news is that my foot will eventually go back to its normal size which I had thought would never happen so the boots that I wasn't able to wear this year will work next winter.  As the nurse got the shot ready I asked if it was going to hurt and she said (with a straight face) - no.  As he put the needle in the joint of my toe and started putting in what seemed like a gallon of cortisone the pain hit and I have to apologize for using the "F" word but holy cow it hurt.  He actually said he was sorry.  Thank goodness the pain doesn't last very long but yowsa, it seemed (at the time) worse than labour.  I managed 2 8K runs and a 5K this past weekend and the pain wasn't too bad so hopefully things are looking up.  Back to physio this week and hopefully now that cortisone has entered the picture...well, my toe....we'll start making some progress.  Its only 4 weeks until the Wakefield Covered Bridge Run with Step and Arun.


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