Friday night I was waiting to pick up Jon at work and there wasa limo at the Dollarama.  Is that where the person shops in order to afford to have a limo?  Jon was a bit disappointed that he didn't get a ride home in that car instead of mine - lol. 
What a weekend!  Saturday was so windy but thank goodness it was sunny.  My day started early with some shopping chores.  It only took until 9:42 a.m. for me to get yelled at.  I got to a 4 way stop and made the unpardonable Barrhaven sin of coming to a full and complete stop and then taking my turn but a woman decided that she had paused enough at her stop (pause) sign and wanted to go.  Sorry, IT WAS MY TURN.  She got her hands going and was yelling at me (couldn’t hear because of closed windows).  Honestly, it was 9:42 on a sunny Saturday morning.  What the heck was your hurry?  She was headed in the direction of the liquor store so maybe…..  Any other day and I would have gotten out of my car and had a “chat” with her but I was feeling mellow and pretty happy with the sun.
After taking J driving where he did 40, 60, 70 and 80 kph and didn’t hurt the car, we went to Lee Valley to get him a Japanese saw for his birthday, lunch at Ikea and I think I found a cabinet that will fit nicely into the spot in our room that currently houses a useless sink. 

Sunday was a spectacular day.  First day of laundry on the line, first sighting of a caterpillar (and he wasn’t squished) and kids were out in their Sens jersey’s playing hockey on their laneways.
Sunday was also Triathlon Day.  It was my first long run in a very long time (15K) after which I grabbed Jon and we went for a 15K bike ride.  And why would this be considered a triathlon you ask?  Well, run, bike followed up by a nice long bath – hahaha.

The run was very nice although not without some foot discomfort.  I forgot the first rule of long runs…don’t wear new socks because you get blisters.  People totally made up for any discomfort I was feeling.  Everyone smiled or waved as I ran by them except for 3 grumpy old folks.
Jon and I finished up our bike ride with a trip to Dairy Queen.  You would have thought that it was 30 degrees outside with some of the outfits we encountered.  Apparently booty shorts and boobs were to be displayed yesterday.  There was a young lady in DQ who had on workout capris, tank top and a bejewelled bra and SO MUCH CLEAVAGE.  I don’t think she was at the gym before the DQ but hey, I could be wrong.

This morning on my drive to work I was at a red light and looked over to the car on my right and thought his dash was on fire because there was so much smoke.  I’m not sure what he was smoking but if that was brought on by nature we would call say that the fog was so bad you couldn’t see a foot in front of you.  What the heck dude, how are you going to see to drive?
Today begins my pictorial of oh the places my runners will go….a very interesting downed tree and the halfway point of my 15k run.

Enjoy your week everyone.


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