Haven't had these beauties out for a while

First compliment of the "shoe" day within 5 minutes of getting to work - a new record.  May I also take this opportunity to say to Steph that its really not your fault that the Habs didn't win last night.  I know it may seem that they lose everytime you go to a game, but they do lose other times too so don't take it personally.  They will have a great game in Montreal on Saturday I'm sure.

There was a guy on the bus this morning who is balding and he's pretty young so I suppose you have to cut him some slack but he took the hair that he still had on the top of his head and he jelled it and turned it into snakes or maybe worms.  Not quite what's in the picture above but just as silly looking.  Having your bit of hair higher isn't making it look like you have more.

Then walking to work there was a woman who was wearing black velour pants....yes, apparently they still make them or possibly she got them at a vintage show but seriously, didn't they ban them years ago?  Anyhow, down the outside of the legs were these huge yellow designs.  I couldn't tell if they were leopards, tigers or something else, but they were just a huge fashion faux pas.
Those are my early morning musings.


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