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Letter of the Day: L

I just couldn't do it today.  Couldn't get out of bed.  Hit the snooze alarm 3 times this morning.  No way I could make myself go to the gym.  What  would this be called?  Laggard?

L'Exhausted...only way I could figure out to add an "L".

When I was finally ready for work I checked when the bus was coming and it said 3 minutes.  I could do it!  Nope, apparently the bus driver was a Lead Food Larry (2 L's there) and went by too early.  Hmph! ticked me off because I missed it and because I would have loved to have had a driver that didn't lollygag on my ride.

So what do you do when you have 12 minutes until the next bus?  Go back home?  Sit on the grass? Stare at your phone?  Nope, nothing like a nice brisk walk to log in some steps while waiting.

I have loved putting on my workout gear in the morning since I have been going to the gym before work and it made me sad to think of putting work clothes on today since I didn't hit the gym.  I decided to jo…

Dear Princess, cover up at the gym

Do you know what I don't want to see at the gym?

No, not her.  The cleavage.  There was a princess at the gym this morning who had way too much cleavage on display.  During the exercise where you use the roller thingy (, there was so much cleavage on display.  She did a couple of token rolls and then stops, stays on all fours and starts booty dancing.  Seriously Princess!

If you watched the video you will see that this guy rolled all the way out and back.  It is really, really, really hard to do.  I can make it half way and foolishly decided to try it all the way this morning.  Ended up like this.  Quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed...yes they did...back to half way rolls - LOL.

Now this isn't your regular type gym.  People are there to sweat and work out.  It is not a nightclub where you are going to pick up a sweaty guy.  They are all there to pump up and sweat. 

A little gym humour to get your day started.

Drop it like its hot

Drop it like its hot was playing at the gym this morning.  I really wanted to drop the weight I was holding at the time!

I was very grateful that today was not burpee day.  Sadly, it was arm day...again!  They tried to get me to do pull ups.  First, I can't even reach the bar!  Once the instructor got me up there I could not pull myself up more than a centimeter so this was me....


Today was the first time I did squats with the bar bell.  Let me tell you - there was no smile on my face.  What kind of drugs is this woman on?  She has to be taking something to be so smiley.  That sucker hurts the back of the neck.  The only good thing about having neck pain is that it distracts you from the squat pain.

All in all, another great workout, what I could do of it.  I do miss having gym peeps who would listen to me moan, groan and complain.  Now I can only complain in my head :).

The things you do to become a jacked MOB.

What do you think of this beautiful dress?  I bought this to wear to the wedding reception.  Your daughter only gets married once right!  A definite reason to put on a party dress.  Also a reason to hit the gym and work on those shoulders.

Happy Friday! Looks like it is going to be a fantabulous weather day…for a change.Get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.
Burpees.You all know them.You all hate them. Anyone who says they like them needs serious therapy.This morning’s torture was 100 burpees.100!!!Well, that didn’t happen but I’m sure about 60 did.Can’t say much for my form but I did them.What was I thinking with each and every painful burpee?Andrea Nicholls.Yes Andrea, all I could think of while doing them was how you got us to do them in class at Nordion.They still hurt as much as ever but I think you’d be proud of me for doing as many as I did.I’m pretty proud of me.I will make sure to take a handful of ibuprofen before bed tonight so that I can get out of bed tomorrow.I think Sat…