The things you do to become a jacked MOB.

What do you think of this beautiful dress?  I bought this to wear to the wedding reception.  Your daughter only gets married once right!  A definite reason to put on a party dress.  Also a reason to hit the gym and work on those shoulders.

Happy Friday!
Looks like it is going to be a fantabulous weather day…for a change.  Get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

Burpees.  You all know them.  You all hate them. Anyone who says they like them needs serious therapy.  This morning’s torture was 100 burpees.  100!!!  Well, that didn’t happen but I’m sure about 60 did.  Can’t say much for my form but I did them.  What was I thinking with each and every painful burpee?  Andrea Nicholls.  Yes Andrea, all I could think of while doing them was how you got us to do them in class at Nordion.  They still hurt as much as ever but I think you’d be proud of me for doing as many as I did.  I’m pretty proud of me.  I will make sure to take a handful of ibuprofen before bed tonight so that I can get out of bed tomorrow.  I think Saturdays makes for a great rest day.

As I'm walking to the office a nice woman offered me a free face mask.  Pretty sure I looked like I needed it.  Love free stuff, thanks!

The hard part, and yes, it was harder than class (or so it seemed at the time), was drying my hair afterwards.  My poor arms did not want to hold up that 100 lb. hairdryer.  There is a lot to be said for baldness.

So, what’s been going on in the big city?  Summer clothing has happened of course.
Ladies, do you not realize that if the material of your dress is thin or the colour is light that your outfit may (and probably is) see through.  I’m sure that there are a number of you who do this on purpose but seriously, black undies are not something most of us want to see at the office.

I forgot to put on mascara the other day….oh the horror!
We had a little cookie party at the office earlier in the week to celebrate my having 50 Instagram followers.  One follower is called “Girls looking for hot men”.  I thought it prudent not to follow them. 

Monday I biked to work and as we are a bigger team now, I have less room to spread out my stuff so I hung my sports bra over my garbage can to dry.  I wore a different top for the ride home, forgetting about the one drying until I saw it the next morning.  Thankfully the cleaning lady didn’t throw it out.  We have an unspoken understanding where we don’t talk about it when I see her J.
Jonathan and I went to the Byward Market last weekend to check out Inspiration Village which was very busy with tourists (and ourselves) taking pictures.  I wasn’t sure what it would be like with a bunch of box cars but they did an ok job of it.  Lots of music too.  Jonathan followed this up with a nanaimo bar beavertail that I have to say looked amazing.  I was the voice of reason and had some lovely fresh fruit while looking longingly at his beavertail.

Waiting for the bus last night and I was checking my phone to see what time was going to come and I heard this strange noise.  Like a bunch of geese yabbering.  Turns out it was the 95 and it was jam packed to the doors (all of the doors) with young folk.  It took me a while but then I realized they were off to Blues Fest.  There seemed to be a theme with the girls as there were so many of them wearing white shorts.  Doesn’t seem to be practical for an event like that or with our unpredictable weather, but you have to live dangerously sometimes.
I wish you all a dry, sunny weekend. 

This will be me today, tomorrow and I'm sure, the next day.  Repeat after me...burpees are hell.



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