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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

Thank you fall for the nice birthday wishes.It has been tough turning 40 (hey, its my fantasy!). This morning I was riding along Woodroffe and a guy smiled and said something to me as he was passing by. What I heard:

What I’m sure he said:

A sign that you are too tired/busy/hungy?

First, let me say that I survived Tornado Tuesday.The wind was ferocious on the way home yesterday.A guy at Prince of Wales and Hunt Club even stopped to discuss the wind with me while we were waiting for the light.I really hope tonight’s commute is less breezy.
That segue was to give an idea of why I am so tired, well, that an biking 50 km a day.Work and home are both pretty busy these days too so my brain is always busy and well… hungry…just because.So what was the sign of all of all of this?Forgetting all forms of undergarments today.I had a moment of total horror as I pulled my dress out of my bike bag and realized in that instance that I had no undergarments.Not just a lack of undies (for which I thankfully had an emergency pair in my gym bag thanks to forgetting them the last time).What to do? Put my bike wear back on, call in sick and go home?Quick trip to Winners on Sparks Street?They don’t open until 9:00.They really need to open at 7:30 and I will start a campaign for that.So…

First world problems for a Tuesday morning

Don’t leave cup with a tea bag in it alone in the kitchen because well-meaning people pour water in when the kettle has boiled having no idea how long you will be away from your cup and then you  have a cup of sludge.  Then you have to wait until they go away after making their breakfast (which can take some time depending on how much breakfast they decide to make) before dumping the sludge and starting over again.  This is totally the opposite of the folks who are like “hey, someone was nice enough to fill and boil the kettle for us so let’s use it all not refill it” even though they see from your cup and waiting tea bag that you were going to use some of the water.
Squirrels are THE WORST RODENTS IN THE WORLD.  Just putting that out there that they are murders and maimers.   They killed a beautiful lily that had just come into bloom and gnawed on my last little zucchini that never had a chance to reach adulthood and experience all life had to offer...before it became a chocolate cake…

Gym Tails...

What is it with gym people?I was at the gym and using the mat and then, because I was going to return after doing some arm work, left the ball that I was also using on the mat.Marking my territory, right?There are a bunch of mats set out, any of which people could use.No, this guy has to go right to the spot I was using, take off his shoes and socks and proceed to scratch his foot over the spot on the mat.This is so disgusting on so many levels.Why do you need bare feet in the gym?It should be illegal to have bare feet in the gym unless you are in the room where they do yoga – on mats!!Does he wipe the mat after he is done?NO!Honestly, wanted to do a Donald Trump and hit him SO HARD.Now I have to make sure to clean the mat BEFORE I ever use it again.Not sure how long it will take me to get over my grossed outness from this event so I can use the mat again.Good thing that I can be outside running now.Why didn’t I got out today you are wondering?Well, maybe you aren’t and really don’t …

Is this your goal look?

I don't know if you all remember the leather-look woman that I mentioned a few years ago when I worked in Kanata.  I used to see her when I was out for a lunch time run.  She biked in tiny shorts and a sports bra and she looked like leather...dry leather.

Well, I've now seen her mate.  Maybe I should try to hook them up.  I'm thinking that if they both sat in matching brown leather barcaloungers you wouldn't see them because they look the same as the chairs.  Maybe that's what they are aiming for, to look like camouflage instead of wearing it because it seems like they don't like to wear very many clothes.

Anyways, to her mate.  I saw this older man, well he looks older but that's what happens when you turn to leather, who was running in only shorts (and shoes).  He had rolled the waist of his shorts down and tucked up the legs so that he was wearing very little (ew) and, oh my, but was he leathery.  There is no sun screen in his life that's for sure. …