First world problems for a Tuesday morning

Don’t leave cup with a tea bag in it alone in the kitchen because well-meaning people pour water in when the kettle has boiled having no idea how long you will be away from your cup and then you  have a cup of sludge.  Then you have to wait until they go away after making their breakfast (which can take some time depending on how much breakfast they decide to make) before dumping the sludge and starting over again.  This is totally the opposite of the folks who are like “hey, someone was nice enough to fill and boil the kettle for us so let’s use it all not refill it” even though they see from your cup and waiting tea bag that you were going to use some of the water.

Squirrels are THE WORST RODENTS IN THE WORLD.  Just putting that out there that they are murders and maimers.   They killed a beautiful lily that had just come into bloom and gnawed on my last little zucchini that never had a chance to reach adulthood and experience all life had to offer...before it became a chocolate cake.
To the silly, silly young woman who was out riding her bike on Sunday afternoon (in the heat) with her winter coat on, with the hood up - first, what are you thinking?  Is this a new diet plan - sweat the pounds off?  Did you think that a winter coat hood would make a good substitute for a helmet.  Well it doesn't.
If you haven't had a change to visit Pinhey's Point you really should.  Such a pretty spot and it is so close to the city.



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