A sign that you are too tired/busy/hungy?

First, let me say that I survived Tornado Tuesday.  The wind was ferocious on the way home yesterday.  A guy at Prince of Wales and Hunt Club even stopped to discuss the wind with me while we were waiting for the light.  I really hope tonight’s commute is less breezy.

That segue was to give an idea of why I am so tired, well, that an biking 50 km a day.  Work and home are both pretty busy these days too so my brain is always busy and well… hungry…just because.  So what was the sign of all of all of this?  Forgetting all forms of undergarments today.  I had a moment of total horror as I pulled my dress out of my bike bag and realized in that instance that I had no undergarments.  Not just a lack of undies (for which I thankfully had an emergency pair in my gym bag thanks to forgetting them the last time).  What to do?  Put my bike wear back on, call in sick and go home?  Quick trip to Winners on Sparks Street?  They don’t open until 9:00.  They really need to open at 7:30 and I will start a campaign for that.   So, I could put my sweaty bike wear back on, go to Shoppers and buy pasties but that really doesn’t work for women of a certain age – right ladies?  Since none of those was an option and I brought in workout gear to go to the gym at lunch (oh yah, adds to the tiredness) so I put on my sports bra (not black) and my black dress.  Good thing that the dress covers the straps of the sports bra (mostly).  I really have to stop doing this.  I have to say that this will not be the most comfortable attire (or perky) day but it is better than the alternative.

 My morning commute was fun….and smelly.  Barrhaven smelled like skunk and then the horse farm smelled like…..well, horses.  The dead grass along the way also smells.  Along the Canal there is a spot that smells like dead body (not that I really know what that smells like) but it really smells awful and I hope that it isn’t a dead thing. 

I way biking along Grenfell and out of a laneway this guy appears.

Well, he was way more tanned and a little “fleshier” but all he was wearing was black shorts.  Kind of scared me.

Could have been this guy too.
Then I was coming down Capital Drive in Nepean and three worker bee guys were walking towards me carrying a bunch of gear, taking up most of the road, and it made me laugh because they reminded me of the original Ghostbusters.

To say the day has been an adventure is a bit of an understatement….and it is only 9:00.


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