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Best line of the day: I'm fine, didn't get any mosquito bites on the way to work today.

It is so hard not to walk up to people like this and say 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  DO YOU NOT HAVE A MIRROR?"  Such an unfortunate outfit and I'm sorry but the hair clashes with your hat.
Day 2 of home renovations and things are looking so much better.  Day 1 the back door looked like this.        Day 2 the door looked like this.

Day 1 Living Room                                    Day 2 Living Room

Day 1 Living Room to hallway                                         Day 2 hall way

Day 1 Dining Room                                                  Day 2 Dining Room

I am very excited to see what progress is made today.  I think I'll make the contractors some cookies this weekend.  They are doing a fabulous job.

Plans for the weekend?  Bought a new mop to use on the hardwood so I'll be spending a lot of quality time with it as well as cleaning all the sawdust and drywall dust that has settled everywhere.  I noticed in the basement this morning that there is sawdust…

Oh the scandal...

Two thoughts of the day (so far)....

Before wearing a skirt that has a slit in it for the first time, take a moment to sew the top of the slit to give it some extra strength so that when you step onto the bus on the way to work the slit does not grow.  This can lead to a lot of scandal at the office.  It also leads to a lot of wasted time looking for a safety pin.

Second thought:  sleeveless tops under a jacket with a slippy lining makes for a very cold commute to work.

New thought:  Ewwwwwwwww, guy just walked by my office and burped and didn't even say excuse me.  Are we not at the office?  You are out in public!  Really!

Epic Shopping Weekend Replay

THE CLOTHES I DIDN'T BUY Epic Shopping Weekend was a huge success. If you get the chance, going to Pointe Clair and then to Laval for a sleepover shopping weekend is the way to go. We got to Pointe Clair at 8:45 on Saturday morning which was enough time to freshen up and scout out which end of the mall we wanted to start in.Second store we went to was Nine West and the woman there was fantabulous.I bought 3 pairs of shoes (2 on sale), Steph bought shoes and Cindy also bought shoes and a purse.The day just couldn’t have started out better.We got fabulous deals and such pretty Spring clothes (as you can see) and that was just Day 1. After shopping we stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant for some very delicious soup for dinner and then drove to Laval to our hotel.The hotel was great with the exception of the bird next door.Who brings a bird to a hotel and why would they?They don’t need to be fed, watered and walked like a dog does.Strange but at least the bird went to bed early.The break…
A froot loop hiding under the seat perhaps? 
Have you ever wondered why the poor thumb gets ostracized by its finger friends?  While waiting for the bus this morning,  wearing 2 pairs of mitts,  my thumbs were very cold which got me to thinking about how they are really left out in the cold by he fingers who get to huddle together for warmth.  As you can see, I had far too much time waiting for the bus today.


Perfect Freezing Friday shoes, right? The girls (yes, when we shop we are girls) and I are so excited to be going on our Epic Shopping Adventure tomorrow even if I have to get up at 4:45 a.m.  Made a huge pot of turkey soup so the guys won't starve or just live on pizza.  I am not quite sure where 5 turkey legs came  from but I'm thinking Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014.  Seriously time to do something with them. Apparently the guys just can't understand why we would get up so early for shopping but we run our shopping adventures like boot camp.We have to be at the mall a half hour before it opens so that we can have a cup of tea, make our battle plan (that job belongs to Sergeant Steph) and go to the bathroom before the stores open.Many of you know that we shop with military precision to make the most effective use of our time.Sunday we get to sleep in because we are at a hotel close to the other mall and it doesn't open until 10 although we will make an attempt…

It has been a quiet week on the bus and gym front.Yesterday on the way to work the guy in front of me kept me smiling every time I looked up from my book because his hat said MOO.I’m sure there was more to it but that’s the part I could see.On the way home on Tuesday I was waiting at the bus stop and a group of people saw their bus and one said “he better stop” and then others echoed it.I wanted to say“or what?”Are you going to swear at the bus as its driving away? They don’t care because they can’t hear you.I have to confess that after working late yesterday and checking the OC Transpo website to see what time the bus was coming, I left the building and watched the bus drive away -it was early!I did swear.Doesn’t really make you feel better. This morning at the gym it was pretty smelly in the change room.I gave it some thought and yes, my clothes were clean and I didn’t sweat too much in my gym wear so I didn’t think it was me.Then I went to the front of the change room to get my co…
Another freezing day in the capital. Will this ever end?  I had so many layers on this morning that it was hard to reach my bus pass to get on the bus (which was 5 minutes late but in "standing in the cold" time that's 20 minutes).  I decided to walk the extra couple of blocks to the bus shelter and got trapped with two very noisy people.  The man (who had no gloves on!  Do you need your wife to remind you that its winter dude?) who kept burping and a woman who kept growling..yes, growling.  Kind of scary especially when it is super quiet and that's all you can hear.  Then, walking to work there was a young lady in front of me and the slit in the back of her dress was super alarming.  She had on a short coat and I'd hate to see how much higher the slit actually went.  Its always a good plan to do a twirl in front a mirror before leaving the house - hair, good; slit - appropriate; make up - fine). Sunday the children and I went to Winterlude and it was actually p…

Don't be horrified at my footwear....its so cold out today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve Everyone.

What a way to go into the weekend.It’s so cold out that even I dressed appropriately today.Two sweaters, hat, gloves, mitts and as you can see, my warm boots.Not a day to look stylish.I should have added snow pants because my legs were so cold.I had to stand most of the way in on the bus and was very happy when a man got off and I could get his pre-warmed seat. Since I had to stand it was a day of people watching.Everyone was hunkered down in their multiple layers except for those 4 women that I saw who had not mitts or gloves on.I wasn't sure if they forgot them (how??), didn't have any or had some bizarre reason for not wearing anything on their very cold hands.I also wasn't sure if I should offer to give one of them my gloves since I had mitts as well.Would you be offended if that happened to you?

Next up was the young man who may be a first year Ottawa U student but who knows.He was trying so valiantly to have a sleep on the bus. He kep…
RED ALERT...RED ALERT....sorry, that just needed to be said.

My physiotherapist said its now time to get new orthotics if I'm going to start running again.  I thought it would be prudent to check them out before going so I pulled the ones out of my good running shoes and found this:

Well, I guess you can't really read them.  One of them says 2013 and the other says 2011.  I checked my other pair of running shoes and one of them said 2013 and the other 2011.  No wonder I've been a little off kilter.  Glad I checked them before going to get new ones and they saw my error.  I totally blame being in a cast for so long and having to put an orthotic in only one shoe so they got all mixed up.

That is my tale of the day....but its early yet kids.

Well, we are half way through the work week and the weather is pretty good.Hopefully the weather will stay nice for Sunday's trip to Winterlude to view the ice sculptures and for the kids to have their winter beaver tail. I had a supplement to yesterday's post but was too busy to get it out so here it is.I went to the gym at lunch (which is a different crowd than in the morning) and it was a cornucopia of people.I got on the treadmill at the back of the room because when you are doing a 2 minute walk/3 minute run you don't want to attract too much attention to yourself (or at least not until I can get that t-shirt which says "Excuse the slowness, I'm recovering from foot surgery").In front of me is a man who is running like his pants, legs, feet and shoes are all on fire.It was pretty exhausting just watching him go.I couldn't watch him for long because it makes me sad that I won't ever reach that level of speed so I turned to the elliptical machines a…

Leopard print shoes....makes for fierce feet!

Last night Steph and I went to a cooking class that was my Christmas present.  First, thanks Steph, I had a great time and its always fun to spend time with you.  The chef works at the Chateau Laurier and he showed us some amazing recipes to make an English High Tea which just happens to be a favourite of both Steph and I.  We got to bring home maple sugar tarts, apple almond pound cake (saving this for girls shopping weekend because we'll need to keep our strength up), pastry cream fruit tarts, finger sandwiches and our favourite - scones.  Its a terrible time to be dieting!  
During my physio visit yesterday I stopped in the washroom and this is the warning sign on the baby change table.  First, what the heck is this guy doing?  Looks a little like high dives off the diving board. Second, this doesn't look anything like a baby.  Who comes up with these pictures?  Made me chuckle. Have a great day everone.

February 9, 2015

Yesterday was such a busy day that there was no time to catch you up on my weekend gym tale.  Saturday night I went to the gym (I know, what an exciting life I lead) and it was filled with Popeye's.  It started when I walked in and there was a young man who had such lovely eyes and holy cow but was he jacked.  I thought he looked like Popeye but after looking at pictures it appears that Popeye was a little weirdly shaped.  What is with those forearms?  So, after some looking (and yes, ogling) I believe that under his shirt, he actually looked like this.  Ladies, can you say mmmmmmmm?

Inside the gym there were more body builder guys and one lady who were also quite jacked.  Seems like it would be way too much work to me.  There is one guy I've seen a few times who is quite annoying because he keeps dropping the weight bar from chest height.  If you can go to all the trouble of lifting the darn thing can't you also put it down a little more gently?  Seriously!  I was quite…
Is there any better way to spend a snowy Sunday morning?  Great day for snowshoeing if a coyote wasn't hanging around the neighborhood. 
Be safe and warm today.

Gym Yarn

What a difference a few hours can make.  I went to the gym this morning and it was pretty quiet.  Only a few of the regulars and we are a wee bit tired so we just hunker down and do our workouts.  There is a woman in the morning that looks like someone I used to work with but she looks so different when not in a suit so I'm not sure its her.  One day I'll have to just walk up and say hi and see what happens.

Now, I just got back from the gym and oh the least on my part.  See the picture above?  Well, picture a man with a harness around his leg and through his crotch and his personal trainer was squatted behind him just like the guy above.  I didn't take in the whole picture when I first saw it and thought what the heck has the gym come to.  I have no idea what they were attempting but I have to say "dude, that looks so uncomfortable".

On my final Friday note, are leggings appropriate for casual Friday?  I'm sure you all know my opinion but I thou…

I hate revolving doors

I love today's shoes.  Its been so very long since they have come out of the shoe room and they take a little getting used to because they are quite high but I'm up for the challenge.  They look fabulous with jeans (or just about anything) and certainly brighten up this snowy Friday.

Downtown is a world of revolving doors and for some unknown reason..hmmm, maybe I should Google it...they make them super hard to push.  Have there been too many accidents when people are pushed too fast and can't get out or in?  Honestly, I go to the gym, I lift weights and it looks like I'm trying to move a mountain trying to get through some of these doors.  Maybe the downtown gyms have colluded to get us thinking that we need to work out or work out harder because we are too weak to get through the doors.

Here are some of the things I found on Google:

It's all about air conditioning. Revolving doors let out much less conditioned air. No drafts. In places with lots of bad weather out…
Great shoes sort of help when you are feeling crappy.  Looks like I wasn't able to dodge the cold germs that were hanging around the house.  I told Jonathan that he was feeling better because he passed his germs on to Stephanie and me so I went to the gym this morning hoping to share my germs so that I will feel better soon.  Its not working so far but I'll keep trying.

I have to say that this has been a disappointing people watching week so far. Nothing exciting is happening at the gym but then again, I haven't gone to the one near home which is where most of the interesting folks hang out.

Have you all decided on your Valentine's Day plans?  Dinner, dancing, moonlight walks with a loved one?  I have you beat.  We'll be pulling up carpet and baseboards on Valentine's day.  Maybe I'll be able to find some red face masks so that we'll seem festive.  Anyone want to join us?  We'll all feel the love of putting the icky old carpets in the trash.  Can&#…

New car pretty

There was a need to get new shoes to go with the new car.