Leopard print shoes....makes for fierce feet!

Last night Steph and I went to a cooking class that was my Christmas present.  First, thanks Steph, I had a great time and its always fun to spend time with you.  The chef works at the Chateau Laurier and he showed us some amazing recipes to make an English High Tea which just happens to be a favourite of both Steph and I.  We got to bring home maple sugar tarts, apple almond pound cake (saving this for girls shopping weekend because we'll need to keep our strength up), pastry cream fruit tarts, finger sandwiches and our favourite - scones.  Its a terrible time to be dieting!


During my physio visit yesterday I stopped in the washroom and this is the warning sign on the baby change table.  First, what the heck is this guy doing?  Looks a little like high dives off the diving board. Second, this doesn't look anything like a baby.  Who comes up with these pictures?  Made me chuckle.
Have a great day everone.


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