I hate revolving doors

I love today's shoes.  Its been so very long since they have come out of the shoe room and they take a little getting used to because they are quite high but I'm up for the challenge.  They look fabulous with jeans (or just about anything) and certainly brighten up this snowy Friday.

Downtown is a world of revolving doors and for some unknown reason..hmmm, maybe I should Google it...they make them super hard to push.  Have there been too many accidents when people are pushed too fast and can't get out or in?  Honestly, I go to the gym, I lift weights and it looks like I'm trying to move a mountain trying to get through some of these doors.  Maybe the downtown gyms have colluded to get us thinking that we need to work out or work out harder because we are too weak to get through the doors.

Here are some of the things I found on Google:

It's all about air conditioning. Revolving doors let out much less conditioned air.
No drafts. In places with lots of bad weather outside, they keep the snow, wind and rain from coming inside every time someone goes in or out.  OK, I should get one to replace my front door!
In very large buildings, sometimes the pressure differential between inside and outside can make a conventional door very difficult to openNo kidding.
I love revolving doors and use them at every opportunity. Like escalators, they are something I thought was really cool when I was a kid, and my appreciation for them has not diminished.

Yes, it's basically all about climate control. For similar reason, you often see two sets of non-revolving doors at the opening of a store or office building in more extreme climates.
I always associate them with "special" occasions from childhood, like those walkways in airports (you know, those on-the-floor escalator things).  Let me get this straight, a special occasion during childhood was when your parents let you go through revolving doors?  Is this what you did at Christmas?  Such a sad childhood - hahahaha.
And to put a smile on your face, here is a very humorous video of revolving door mishaps.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone.  A special shout out to my Nordion friends...I miss you all.


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