Epic Shopping Weekend Replay

Epic Shopping Weekend was a huge success. If you get the chance, going to Pointe Clair and then to Laval for a sleepover shopping weekend is the way to go.
We got to Pointe Clair at 8:45 on Saturday morning which was enough time to freshen up and scout out which end of the mall we wanted to start in.  Second store we went to was Nine West and the woman there was fantabulous.  I bought 3 pairs of shoes (2 on sale), Steph bought shoes and Cindy also bought shoes and a purse.  The day just couldn’t have started out better.  We got fabulous deals and such pretty Spring clothes (as you can see) and that was just Day 1.
After shopping we stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant for some very delicious soup for dinner and then drove to Laval to our hotel.  The hotel was great with the exception of the bird next door.  Who brings a bird to a hotel and why would they?  They don’t need to be fed, watered and walked like a dog does.  Strange but at least the bird went to bed early.  The breakfast buffet was great, lots and lots of yummy hot food, fruit  and tea and coffee.  We even took some fruit for out later snacks.
We got to the mall that was only minutes away at 9:30 which gave us way too much time to take picture of and with the gorgeous flower displays.  The Laval mall is the most beautiful while the Pointe Clair mall has more stores we love.  Mind you, we managed to do quite nicely at Simon’s in Laval (well, Simons did quite nicely by us).  Lunch was more delicious soup and some of our fruit and then we were ready for more shopping.
We finished around 3:00 and the drive home was pretty good.  We were grateful that we decided not to drive home Saturday with the snow that happened.  We were safe and warm in our lovely hotel room admiring our lovely purchases and having some yummy snacks.
I really enjoyed my weekend with Cindy and Stephanie and look forward to doing this again when the Fall lineup comes out.

THE SHOES I DID BUY - 6 PAIRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Day 1's Rewards


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