Another freezing day in the capital.
Will this ever end?  I had so many layers on this morning that it was hard to reach my bus pass to get on the bus (which was 5 minutes late but in "standing in the cold" time that's 20 minutes).  I decided to walk the extra couple of blocks to the bus shelter and got trapped with two very noisy people.  The man (who had no gloves on!  Do you need your wife to remind you that its winter dude?) who kept burping and a woman who kept growling..yes, growling.  Kind of scary especially when it is super quiet and that's all you can hear.  Then, walking to work there was a young lady in front of me and the slit in the back of her dress was super alarming.  She had on a short coat and I'd hate to see how much higher the slit actually went.  Its always a good plan to do a twirl in front a mirror before leaving the house - hair, good; slit - appropriate; make up - fine).
Sunday the children and I went to Winterlude and it was actually pretty good this  year because we had so many layers on and it was much quieter because there are only so many people crazy enough to go out when it's so cold out.  You can see how winter-stylish I was with my Elmer Fudd hat. 


I was walking in front of the kids and all I heard was Steph laughing and saying that the back of my super stylish hat says "Goldigga".  Who could be a goldigga in this - hahahaha

We looked at all the amazing ice sculptures and then the kids had their annual beaver tail.

Afterwards we picked up a friend of Stephs who came over to borrow a pair of my shoes which got me to thinking that I could start a shoe lending library or I could lease them out if I'm in need of extra income when I retire.
Only four more sleeps until Girl's Shopping Weekend.


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