Don't be horrified at my footwear....its so cold out today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve Everyone. 

What a way to go into the weekend.  It’s so cold out that even I dressed appropriately today.  Two sweaters, hat, gloves, mitts and as you can see, my warm boots.  Not a day to look stylish.  I should have added snow pants because my legs were so cold.  I had to stand most of the way in on the bus and was very happy when a man got off and I could get his pre-warmed seat.
Since I had to stand it was a day of people watching.  Everyone was hunkered down in their multiple layers except for those 4 women that I saw who had not mitts or gloves on.  I wasn't sure if they forgot them (how??), didn't have any or had some bizarre reason for not wearing anything on their very cold hands.  I also wasn't sure if I should offer to give one of them my gloves since I had mitts as well.  Would you be offended if that happened to you?

Next up was the young man who may be a first year Ottawa U student but who knows.  He was trying so valiantly to have a sleep on the bus.  He kept putting his backpack against the rail and laying his Elmer Fudd hat covered head onto the backpack to try to sleep.  Have you ever tried this?  Well, on a moving bus it’s pretty impossible I will tell you.  Not that I would get my face that close to a germy pole on the bus.  There was the woman who was uber dressed for today.  She came equipped with a hat, coat with a hood, gloves, splash pants, boots like mine and yak tracks for traction.  I was a little envious I have to say because she would have great traction to move a heck of a lot faster than me to get where she was going.

The weekend is filled with family bonding events.  Tomorrow we start pulling up baseboards and carpeting to get ready for the new hardwood floors.  I can't wait to move the boxes of flooring and the outside door that are currently blocking the fireplace - we really need the fireplace this weekend.  Sunday is family beavertail time at Winterlude.  It’s so nice that the kids still enjoying hanging out with their aging parents - lol.


  1. Happy Valentine's Eve Sandra! Have a great weekend. Floors will look so different with hardwood. Mmmmm beavertails!!!


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