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Oh Canadian Tire, how do we hate thee?A LOT.I’m not sure why I keep shopping there when they are such a bad store for customer service.
Last summer I decided to bike to work and went to Canadian Tire to buy a bike.I spent more than I wanted to but bought a Schwinn because I read good things about Schwinn.Haven’t you?Been around a long time too.The bike was great, especially for my arthritic hands so I was a happy biker.Later in the summer hubby realized that a part on the bike seemed to be broken and he thought it could result in a bad fall if the part gave out so off he goes to Canadian Tire to have a chat.He brought along the lifetime warranty from Schwinn and the 1 year parts and warranty from Canadian Tire.They said that we’d have to bring the bike in for someone to look at.So off we go again to bring the bike in.They said yep, looks like it might be broken but a bike speciality person would need to look at it and he doesn’t come in very often.They’ll call.They never called so hubb…

Do you know what these aren't?


Why can't they make broccoli that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie?  They can make artificial flavouring for almost anything these days but not for vegetables.  Now I don't mind veggies but right now I really want a cookie and can't have one.  How about chocolate chip cookie flavoured tea?  Maybe they can invent that.  Come on guys, someone get on that please.

I am also having a hair crisis today.  I just got my hair cut but told the hairdresser that it was time to grow out my bangs.  Bad idea.  I can't stand it.  I can't see half the time and they just lie there, limp and lifeless most of the time.  Why do we decide every few years that growing out bangs is a great idea?  Good thing I have a wonderful hairdresser who will fit me in later tonight.  Glad I caught her before she leaves for Cuba on Wednesday.  Hair crisis averted :).

There is a bright spot in my day.  Shoes.  Great shoe day today.

Dear Thomas Rhett:

I have been listening to your song Get Me Some of That and wonder what you were thinking about when you wrote the lyrics.

You're shakin' that money maker, like a heart breaker, like your college major was
Twistin' and tearin' up Friday nights
Love the way you're wearin' those jeans so tight
I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later
I never seen nothin' that I wanted so bad
Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me some of that
Yeah gotta get me some of that I'm sure that you  meant that she is shaking her head which she would have used going to the college you mentioned.

Or, these could just be the ravings of an old woman......

Yes Virginia, you can have shoe embarassment.

This is what my going to the surgeon today feet look like.  I know right....ewwww.  I know you are disappointed and believe me I am too.  Never did I think I'd be seen in public wearing such footwear.

Even my toes are sad and embarrassed.

Now tomorrow....

I drove into work today so you know there has to be a rant.  I was third in line at a stop this morning and we waited and waited and waited and waited and finally the guy in front gets out of his car to clean the snow off of his windshield.  You know why there was snow?  Because he was too freaking lazy to brush his car off this morning and all the snow slid down onto his windshield and he couldn't see.   I so hate snow lazy people.

Damn, missed the firefighters

Just as I finished getting dressed (and had dried my hair thank goodness) the fire alarm went off at the gym.  Unfortunately for a few ladies they hadn't even showered yet.  The lights went off and on and off and on and I assume that was to move everyone along and not because there was a real fire.  Personally, if I hadn't showered I would hide in my locker until the coast was clear.  Seriously, the shower area is all stone and water so what better place to be during a fire, right?

Sadly I had to hustle back to work and missed the two fire trucks worth of firefighters.

Maybe for my birthday....hahaha

We ordered a new battery for my tablet a month or so ago and it hasn't shown up (from China) so we inquired and this was the (hilarious) response.

"Dear Sir, Really so sorry, yes, we meet the worst shipping status these days, as you know, we send all batteries via our shipping company --sweden post during the past years, all arrive fast and safely, but on Feb 2016, one s…

Dora the Explorer's got nothing on me.

I went on a journey on Saturday morning and with the cold I could have used this coat.Yesterday was so cold I could have used the space helmet too.

I have been on the hunt for a fun door handle for my new kitchen pantry door.I started out too early for the stores to be open so I journeyed from Lansdowne to Billings Bridge and passed some interesting sites.

I love the statues outside of this antique store.

Then I passed the saddest park of all time.Linda Thom Park.It even has a sad Facebook page.It really needs some flowers and her medal could use some sprucing up.You can hardly read the plaque as well.I guess the City doesn’t take on these tasks but it is left up to the community.

There is also a plaque that tells you about Braddish Billings who settled the area.  Bet you never knew about him did you?
A small urban park in Old Ottawa South that honours local Canadian Olympian Linda Thom who won a gold medal in shooting at the 19…