Yes Virginia, you can have shoe embarassment.

This is what my going to the surgeon today feet look like.  I know right....ewwww.  I know you are disappointed and believe me I am too.  Never did I think I'd be seen in public wearing such footwear.

Even my toes are sad and embarrassed.

Now tomorrow....

I drove into work today so you know there has to be a rant.  I was third in line at a stop this morning and we waited and waited and waited and waited and finally the guy in front gets out of his car to clean the snow off of his windshield.  You know why there was snow?  Because he was too freaking lazy to brush his car off this morning and all the snow slid down onto his windshield and he couldn't see.   I so hate snow lazy people.


  1. Your foot is really red.... I guess it's embarrassed to be in that shoe :-)


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