Do you know what these aren't?


Why can't they make broccoli that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie?  They can make artificial flavouring for almost anything these days but not for vegetables.  Now I don't mind veggies but right now I really want a cookie and can't have one.  How about chocolate chip cookie flavoured tea?  Maybe they can invent that.  Come on guys, someone get on that please.

I am also having a hair crisis today.  I just got my hair cut but told the hairdresser that it was time to grow out my bangs.  Bad idea.  I can't stand it.  I can't see half the time and they just lie there, limp and lifeless most of the time.  Why do we decide every few years that growing out bangs is a great idea?  Good thing I have a wonderful hairdresser who will fit me in later tonight.  Glad I caught her before she leaves for Cuba on Wednesday.  Hair crisis averted :).

This is what so many of us have to look forward to....should summer ever show up.
There is a bright spot in my day.  Shoes.  Great shoe day today.


  1. Seriously.....try these.....I love the red velvet.


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