Dora the Explorer's got nothing on me.

I went on a journey on Saturday morning and with the cold I could have used this coat.  Yesterday was so cold I could have used the space helmet too.

I have been on the hunt for a fun door handle for my new kitchen pantry door.  I started out too early for the stores to be open so I journeyed from Lansdowne to Billings Bridge and passed some interesting sites. 

I love the statues outside of this antique store. 

Then I passed the saddest park of all time.  Linda Thom Park.  It even has a sad Facebook page.  It really needs some flowers and her medal could use some sprucing up.  You can hardly read the plaque as well.  I guess the City doesn’t take on these tasks but it is left up to the community.

There is also a plaque that tells you about Braddish Billings who settled the area.  Bet you never knew about him did you?

A small urban park in Old Ottawa South that honours local Canadian Olympian Linda Thom who won a gold medal in shooting at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Includes an oversize replica of her gold medal.

When I decided to explore this tiny enclave I found a path that leads you to a boat launch. Seriously, the river is so high right now that you can’t go too far on the walking path (not a boat launch).  Not somewhere where you go for a Spring jaunt apparently.

Youch.  What are you keeping in there that you need hidden spikes?

After this exciting journey I continued on to Billings Bridge.  Have you been there lately?  Well, nothing really has changed except that Zellers left and then Target shut down.  I ventured up to the food court and had some tea to warm me up and to watch all the old folks having their Saturday morning coffee clatches.  Nothing like tradition.  I wonder who I’ll hang out with when I am their age?  Want to join my clatch?
Billings has a wig store that made me cringe?  Why would you pay $80 for a wig that makes you look like a skunk?

After a quick cup of tea it was back to the antique store.  On the way I saw this restaurant and wonder if you get a discount for preparing your own food.
Cook it yourself buffet, how does that work?

The antique store is so much fun and definitely worth the visit but don’t be in a hurry because there is so much to look at.  Three floors of fun. 

I have decided that what my new door needs is a door knocker.  I’m still looking but so far he’s top of my list. 

Isn't he cute?
Every home should have one of these don't you think?

This is my favourite picture. 
Dear Donald Trump supporters, this is so you.

 All such powerful messages.
Next up...the Liquor Lady.  I wonder why she needs to be discreet.  Is she delivering to the office perhaps.  Good thing I have a liquor store in our building or I might need to use her discreet service.

After purchasing some great Christmas gifts at the antique store I had to wander back to my car to drop them off because they were so heavy.  What a greeting I got from this cat along the way.

I guess he needed a friend.

After dropping my purchases I was off to the Glebe Emporium.  Isn't this the prettiest shelf?  I want the whole thing, including the beautiful tea pots

I wonder if I can get Jonathan to build me this shelf some day?

Then it was off to Home Hardware.  I love this shower curtain but thought it better not to buy it.  Hubby and son were happy that I didn't.

After more tea because I was cold, it was back out but this time it was in a huge rain storm.  Neither rain nor sleet nor cold nor whatever will keep me from shopping - LOL.

On my way back to the car I saw this building.  Can you believe that there are chairs on the upper balcony?  Wouldn't catch me sitting up there until there are nice big support beams in place.

And the best part of the day....coming home to the Poop Squad (didn't know such a thing existed) who were taking away a million leaf bags of poop from our neighbours backyard.  Those guys cannot be paid enough for such a horrible job.  But I  thank you.

I hope that you all had a good weekend and that I have inspired you to go for a wander in the Glebe.  It really is a fabulous way to spend a few hours.


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