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Was pumped for the fight and then....

1998 What a good year.Jonathan was almost 2, Stephanie was 6 and we bought our first home.Our first house and we were scared and excited. So far 2017 has been a spectacular year.  We are officially MORTGAGE FREE!!
Now we know how Colonel Potter felt.  In case you need to refresh your memory, it is Season 11, Episode # 7 of M*A*S*H

I was primed to go to the bank last week to fight them on the fees they charge to discharge a mortgage ($260 + filing fees) but when I got there, the woman was so nice that she said she would waive the fees before I even asked.Took the wind out of my sails I have to say.I’m still looking for a fight somewhere J.
What happened in 1998? The closing for the house wasn't until January and unfortunately the ice storm happened in January.  We lost power where we were renting.All we could think of was that the new house had gas and we could have at least been warm.Bunking with family for a few days wasn’t so bad though.

Great Ice Storm of 1998 - http://ottawacitizen.…

Stairs! Are you kidding me?

I was feeling pretty good about not talking myself out of going to the gym this morning (but it was close).  Got to work a little later than yesterday but still, no excuse not to go.  I picked up my stuff from my office, get in the elevator and there is a security guard in it.  Not sure why but the security guards hit every floor, peek out of the doors and go to the next floor, rinse and repeat.  The security guard said he was sorry for the hold up and I said that was ok, I wasn't in a hurry to get to the gym (I was, but trying to be polite).  He says, "you aren't taking the stairs?".  Seriously dude?  Did I not just say I was going to the gym?  I work on the 18th floor.  Do I really want to waste energy and time taking the stairs and then expending more energy at the gym?  No!  Maybe you should think about taking the stairs since you are going floor to floor by way of elevator.  Just a thought.

Sad that the elliptical machine I discovered yesterday (and used twice)…

How do you brighten a gloomy day?

Well, first you read my blog of course!

Then you put on new shoes.  Nothing says happy like new shoes. 

I feel very virtuous this morning because I went to the gym.  I also went after work last night - go me!  Found an elliptical machine that is a little bit of torture (which I consider the sign of a good workout).  It has arms so it cycles you through leg and arm routines.   Now if this guy was at the gym I'd never leave...maybe I'll have jacked arms like this some day.

Have a wonderful spring-like day everyone.