Stairs! Are you kidding me?

I was feeling pretty good about not talking myself out of going to the gym this morning (but it was close).  Got to work a little later than yesterday but still, no excuse not to go.  I picked up my stuff from my office, get in the elevator and there is a security guard in it.  Not sure why but the security guards hit every floor, peek out of the doors and go to the next floor, rinse and repeat.  The security guard said he was sorry for the hold up and I said that was ok, I wasn't in a hurry to get to the gym (I was, but trying to be polite).  He says, "you aren't taking the stairs?".  Seriously dude?  Did I not just say I was going to the gym?  I work on the 18th floor.  Do I really want to waste energy and time taking the stairs and then expending more energy at the gym?  No!  Maybe you should think about taking the stairs since you are going floor to floor by way of elevator.  Just a thought.

Sad that the elliptical machine I discovered yesterday (and used twice) was being used when I got in for my workout.  While the machine is torture, it is torture in a good, three level kind of way.

Did I ever show you the GORGEOUS shoes that I saw at Nine West during our post-boxing day shopping extravaganza?  Unfortunately I couldn't talk myself into buying them and I tried really, really hard.  Sadly they were out of my price range.  Would have been amazing wedding shoes.  The hunt does continue.  Feel free to enable me and send me reasons why I should buy them.

Have an amazing weekend everyone.


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