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Windswept Wanda?

This was me last night but sadly, less stylish. 

I hate gale force winds.That’s what the wind felt like on my ride home yesterday.Bad enough that it can be a bit of a slog in the afternoon (well, evening when I get out of work these days) but to have to bike with HUGE headwinds is so rude.Thanks Mother Nature.

Have you ever noticed the different ways that people run.I saw a guy running yesterday and his legs and feet were so straight.He was on a mission.He had a terrific kick back too.Then there was the lady who did the side flip out when she was running.That seems like it would take a lot of energy to me.This morning there was a guy who I only saw briefly as I rode by but it seemed that he had something tied to his feet.It looked a little like plastic boats although I’m sure that’s not what they were.Why?I kind of feel bad if it’s because he can’t afford running shoes. There are also different ways to bike.There are people like me who are on a mission.We speed up when passed and eve…

Notes from Ned

For all those inquiring minds who just need to know how the heck you forget pants I thought I would enlighten you.

I got bike panniers for Christmas to help with my commute and let me digress by saying how wonderful they are.  I no longer have to have a backpack on which gets so hot on summer afternoons.  So, I was packing my panniers and wondered how I would transport some of my belonging from the gym after I changed into my work wear. I decided that a backpack would do the trick so I put my work wear into the backpack.  Well, the backpack wouldn't fit into the panniers because they were full of shoes (MOST IMPORTANT after all), breakfast, wallet, etc.  So, a decision was made to do away with the backpack and just bring a plastic bag.  The clothes then went into a Lulu bag and off I went to the gym.

Well, lesson learned.  From now on, when biking, I will roll up my clothing into one package because I got home yesterday and there at the bottom of the black backpack were my navy pa…

Just call me No Pants Ned

Did you know that today was No Pants Day.

I had a lovely bike ride in to my new job today.  The weather was spectacular and I was in such a good mood when I got to the gym.  Did some weights and much needed stretching and unpacked my bags only to find that I forgot to pack the pants to my `first day of work`suit.  HORROR.  I didn`t think that putting on my bike shorts with a suit jacket was the best first impression to make.  Then their was the fear that I hadn`t brought a credit or debit card.  A quick dig through the bags thankfully found my debit card.  I quickly showered and put my bike wear back on and ran...yes, I L`Esplanade Laurier to Cleo.  The lovely woman who greeted me totally understood my dilemma.  She said a lot of bikers have the same issue of having forgot a piece of clothing.  Thank goodness they had a sale on dresses.  Bought the dress and finished putting myself back together in the change room.  I am forever grateful for Cleo for being open before 9 and …