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One of my favourite times of the year

Time for new running shoes!  Don't these look like they will make me go really fast?  Hope so.  I'm just waiting for a bit drier weather to take them outside for their first time.  Until then,

Can you think of a better way to start a Saturday than with a facial at the spa?

Well, of course starting your Saturday on a beach in the Dominican Republic would definitely beat that but since it isn't an option for most us of, a facial it will be.  I haven't had one before and it was fabulous.  Gladys has magic hands and I highly recommend her and my favourite spa - Westboro Spa on Churchill Avenue.

Gladys turned me from this:
to this:

I was in the relaxed zone with the spa music playing, Gladys massaging my face and then youch! Wasn't expecting my pores to be squeezed.  You didn't mention that part Cindy - lol.  Oh so worth a moment or two of discomfort. 

I only wish I could have followed up my facial with a wash and a blow dry because I l…

Anyone not pumped for the long weekend?

Counting down the hours until the long weekend starts!  What are your plans?  So many people are going to visit family or starting a warm winter vacation.  I am looking forward to spending time with the kids tomorrow watching the dragon boat races on Dows Lake.  We are very excited to see this event.  This will be followed up with snowshoeing on Sunday and Monday.  Looking at this picture reminded me of a snowshoe race that I was in many years ago, again at Dows Lake.  It was amazingly hard but I came in first in my age category.  You don't hear that come out of my mouth very often.

What is new with everyone?  I don't know about you but personally I am tired of talking about snow and the horror show in America.  I seem to recall that we used to have a lot more to talk about.  It's just a little hard to remember what those things were.  We should have a suggestion box of things to talk about.  Send me your suggestions and I'll get us started.

We could talk about my wed…