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I know that you are with me on this one.


What better way to spend a snowy day at the office....

Our team had a fun event today.  In preparing for the Christmas (yes I said it - Christmas!) season we picked names and are making advent calendars for each other.  To get in the proper spirit I made everyone a special pair of footwear.  I don't want to take mine off.  I'm using the excuse that everyone in the office hasn't seen them yet :).

Now we are thinking that the whole office should do this.  There is still time to apply for a job here - lol.

Word of the (Wednes)Day:


Let's try using it in at least one sentence today.

Puzzler of the day:  The plug for our fridge is upside down so that the cord is bent.  Does yours do this?  The big plug for our stove is the same.  Who designed this?  Is it so that the cord will break and we'll have to get new appliances?  Crafty thinking or just mean manufacturers?

Might I also add that I pulled out the fridge in preparation for the engagement party this weekend and ewww, just ewww.  No wonder fridges die.  There was a giant furry creature attached to the motor.  You'd think they could design it in such a way that dust wouldn't collect but then I suppose your fridge would last forever and the manufacturers can't have that.

Strange licence plate of the day (well, last Sunday anyways):  IHV4Kids

So.  Do you want an award?  A day at a spa maybe?  Cudo's for being so prolific?  Why would you want this on your car?  Is it …

Text conversation with my son


Jonathan:  For the record, the poison soup in the fridge is an option for dinner, correct?

Me:  Yes.

History:  I put a poison sticker on the soup at work so that no one would eat it and left it there when I brought it home.  No need to call Children's Aid - LOL

Man, I thought I was cranky yesterday!


Am I cranky?

I love Dead Fred.  I would have way too much fun with one of these.
Can't decide if I'm being cranky or if I am justified in my frustration. 

Meanwhile, I was waiting for the bus this morning and got a front row seat (standing actually) to a little a.m. drama.  A young woman and her dad were dropped off at the bus and she noticed that she didn't have her wallet.  .

Daughter: "OH NO!  I don't have any money for dinner tonight.
Dad:  You had money in your pocket.
Daughter:  Yes, but I put it in my wallet. [sounding a tad whiney at this point]
Dad:  Well, where did you leave your wallet?
Daughter:  I think in the car.  It must be in the car. 
Sandra's thinking:  Gee Dad, give her some money to get her dinner.
Daughter:  It must be in the car, that's mom calling me. (telephone conversation ensues)
Mom drives back.  Daughter haughtily checks car.  No wallet.
Daughter:  "OH NO!"  It must be at home.
Dad:  The bus is coming.  Are you going to get the next one?

I g…

What were they thinking?

Who chooses the statues that we see outside?  A good question, right?  Do they have a committee?  An entire government department?  Probably both.  I just don't understand some of it.  Give me a statue of Samuel de Champlain and I understand that.  I'm such a progressive woman - lol.

I got out for a much needed run today and multi-tasked because I needed to go to the Museum of History (formerly known as Civilization - thanks Stevie!) to pick something up so it was a good excuse to get out for some long overdue lunch exercise.  On my journey I crossed the Portage Bridge over to Gatineau (formerly known as Hull - thanks ????) and they have these three statues on the path.  What?!? Why?!?  A headless person?  What the heck?  Exchangeable body parts?  Ideas anyone?

It was a lovely day for a run but I was kind of hoping for a bit of rain to splash in.  It looks like tornado weather outside the window right now so I'm sure the rain will happen when I go to catch the bus because…

How do the cows get across the road?

I can now rest easy.  I found out how the cows cross the road...or at least I think this is how it is done (or how they plan on doing it).  I have to say though that I haven't seen any widening of Prince of Wales yet.

Did you know about Victory Hill?  A little piece of Ottawa history.