Word of the (Wednes)Day:



Let's try using it in at least one sentence today.

Puzzler of the day:  The plug for our fridge is upside down so that the cord is bent.  Does yours do this?  The big plug for our stove is the same.  Who designed this?  Is it so that the cord will break and we'll have to get new appliances?  Crafty thinking or just mean manufacturers?

Might I also add that I pulled out the fridge in preparation for the engagement party this weekend and ewww, just ewww.  No wonder fridges die.  There was a giant furry creature attached to the motor.  You'd think they could design it in such a way that dust wouldn't collect but then I suppose your fridge would last forever and the manufacturers can't have that.

Strange licence plate of the day (well, last Sunday anyways):  IHV4Kids

So.  Do you want an award?  A day at a spa maybe?  Cudo's for being so prolific?  Why would you want this on your car?  Is it a reason you'll use for bad driving?  I don't get it.


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