What were they thinking?

Who chooses the statues that we see outside?  A good question, right?  Do they have a committee?  An entire government department?  Probably both.  I just don't understand some of it.  Give me a statue of Samuel de Champlain and I understand that.  I'm such a progressive woman - lol.

I got out for a much needed run today and multi-tasked because I needed to go to the Museum of History (formerly known as Civilization - thanks Stevie!) to pick something up so it was a good excuse to get out for some long overdue lunch exercise.  On my journey I crossed the Portage Bridge over to Gatineau (formerly known as Hull - thanks ????) and they have these three statues on the path.  What?!? Why?!?  A headless person?  What the heck?  Exchangeable body parts?  Ideas anyone?

It was a lovely day for a run but I was kind of hoping for a bit of rain to splash in.  It looks like tornado weather outside the window right now so I'm sure the rain will happen when I go to catch the bus because that's life isn't it.

I was a little worries about crossing the Alexandria Bridge on my way back to the office because no vehicles are allowed on the wooden part but I'm a running machine....jalopy....but a machine all the same.  Does that count?

Finished up my adventure with a touch of Canada.  Brought back pretty leaves for my co-workers.


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